Be satisfied with your life

Everyone thinks the grass is always greener. After completing one goal we don’t sit back and celebrate the victory. We’re too busy trying to figure out why someone else is further in the race of life as we are. I know I said it before life is not a competition but to be honest people still do it unintentionally. People often long for something more but never notice that they already have enough.

For example, how many people realize how important their legs are? Probably less than 50 percent of people and it’s probably a lot lower than that if a study was ever completed on it. When it comes to working out, I get so many excuses from people on why they can’t do something but then I see Olympic athletes with prosthetics competing because they decided they didn’t want to make excuses. Their disability that was meant to cripple them brought them victory. People with legs, arms, or even eye sight don’t realize what they have. Someone without legs, arms, or sight would love to be in their bodies.

Part of being satisfied is learning to be thankful and humbled during any circumstance you face in life. Our emotions aren’t supposed to dictate our state of happiness.

You must learn how to be satisfied with yourself and any circumstances you face no matter the outcome. While you are striving towards your goals don’t get upset when it isn’t working out the way you want it to. This is an attitude of entitlement. You have so many things in your life that a lot of people don’t have so be satisfied where you at. Everything else will come eventually.

I taught my son this same lesson last week. He wanted me to cook him something special to eat. While his food cooked in the oven, I made me something separately on the stove top. Once he realized what I had he wanted what I had instead. We both were going to eat but we were eating two different types of meals, but he wasn’t satisfied anymore with what he asked for because he liked my choice better.

So, I told him you ask for that so why are you not happy anymore. He says well I didn’t know you were cooking that, if I knew that I would have asked for that instead. I answered and told him sometimes in life you must learn to be satisfied. Yes, the grass will always look greener on the other side but if you’re always searching for something better, you’ll never be happy.

So, I want whoever is reading this to not get this confused with striving to better your life or working towards your goals. I want you to understand that while you are working on yourself and completing your goals be satisfied with your progress. Look at how far you have come and look at your current condition and learn how to be thankful. Don’t be distracted by what others have or you’ll never be satisfied with your progress.

“Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.” -unknown

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