Push Through No Matter What

It’s Friday ! The day that everyone has been waiting for. After a long week the last thing I feel like doing after work this morning is working out. I’m so tired but I know that if I want to achieve my fitness goals I have to push through no matter what. Feeling tired is normal. I thought becoming a mom and working full time was why I’m always tired, but it turns out even adults without children are tired to. I guess I thought I was different than everyone else.

All I could think about while I did my workout is how I wanted to just curl up and lay in my bed. I was willing to skip the shower and just knock out on the couch. Of course, I didn’t do that. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t. I had to get the children up for school when I left the gym and I also had to make sure they their hair was fixed, they eat, and brush their teeth. You know the normal things that a mother must do for school aged children.

When you have a lot on your plate it takes a lot of sacrificing. Which requires you to push through no matter how tired or how hard it gets. Like the day to day things that you just must do because it’s important. You’re going to feel tired, but you can’t stop. You must develop the strength to push through even when you feel like giving up. If you’re tired get some rest, then wake up and start over.

I always pick on my husband about this because I like to work out in the morning and do all my things on my to do list so all I have left later is to cook dinner. I make all my food for work early in the morning so when I get ready for work my snacks are packed and my food is together and all I must do is put it in my lunchbox. I get excited about meal prepping on Sundays because this eliminates a lot of my stress for the week because I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat at lunch. He on the other hand doesn’t work out in the morning or do his task early like me so he exhausts the later part of his day finishing everything on his to do list. It doesn’t bother him, but I guess I don’t understand it. I just like to get things done because I get frustrated easily.

This week might have been hard for you but if you made it to Friday that means you pushed through it. You must tell yourself you can do it. Your inner cheerleader sometimes has to kick into overtime when you feel unmotivated. As people we are battling internal and external forces on a day to day basics. Some people have it harder than others, but never give up on your life.

The reason why I say don’t give up no matter what is because I believe it just add some spice to the end of that. When you read don’t give up it should have an ending to it. No matter what is basically saying you going to do it no matter the circumstances.

So, as you go about your day don’t give up no matter what. There are going to be times when you want to throw in the towel, but I encourage you to keep pushing through. There is greatness in you. You just have to believe it.

“If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan not the goal.” -unknown

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