How to survive a job you dislike?

Working at a normal job that you are not passionate about can be difficult. If you have a regular job like majority of Americans, you probably dread going to work. Everyone used to hate Mondays now they hate the complete work week. According to an article written on titled “10 Shocking Workplace Stats” 53 percent of Americans are unhappy at work. People are working for companies performing jobs they hate so they can survive and keep up with the cost of living. In most households both parents must work and people that normally retire at 66 are working past their retirement age. If you are part of the 53 percent of Americans that are unhappy at work, I want to encourage you to read this entirely for how to survive a work week at a job you dislike.

Attitude is the number one thing that effects our mood. Our attitude towards something will dictate how we feel about a certain situation, person, place, or thing. Working for a job you dislike starts with changing your attitude about the place. The way you think about the place effects how you will feel while you are there. If you think it’s a horrible job with horrible people, then you’re going to feel horrible every time you’re there. Think of work as revolving income. It’s guaranteed every pay period. All you must do is show up and clock in. You are in control of how much and how little you get paid. Avoid thinking negative.

If you sincerely hate your job but all you do is complain about how much you hate your job it doesn’t fix the situation. If you’re not trying to look for another job or trying to figure out a way you can make money on the side, then you’re not really wanting a solution. If you are trying to build a business and work, while you’re there protect your sanity. Your sanity is important. Try meditating, performing breathing exercises, or even therapy. Whatever it takes. Don’t let a job you hate ruin your mental health. Stay away from colleagues that have the same attitude about their job as you do. If they only complain about how much they hate it there find you some new people to talk to. Limit your talking to people who are negative because this also effects your attitude about your job.

Learn to be thankful for your job. As much as you may hate your job someone would love to have your job. Even though it may not be a fit for you doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else. So, learn to be thankful. It might not be the income that you were looking for. The hours may suck. The labor is hard on your body or it’s just not your passion. There are people living in poverty and jobless that wish they could have a job that you hate.

While you’re there even if you know you’re leaving in a month learn as much as possible. I wrote about the importance of learning last week because I really believe it’s important. Companies have different positions so why not learn all of them while you’re there. Gain as much knowledge as you can for your next job or your future business. Don’t miss out on the opportunities at your current job because you dislike the place. I want you to advance and excel in that company. Climb as high as you can because this is what’s going to help you not focus on how much you are unhappy at your workplace.

Maybe it’s the position that you are in that has you in the slump. Training and learning new positions can help you decide if you should throw in the towel completely. When you leave the job that you’re unhappy with I want you to know you did all you could to figure out if the place worked for you. Staying in one position shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Trying out things will help you decide if the place you are working at works for you.

So, remember today you might not like your job, but you don’t have to be miserable while you’re there. Happiness is an inside job not an outside job. You are responsible for your happiness. If you don’t like your job the attitude about it doesn’t changes the situation. It takes action to make the situation better. While you’re working on figuring your next steps keep a positive attitude, be grateful, and learn as much as possible.

“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.”

-Dalai Lama XIV

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