It’s Okay to Love Again

Today I want to talk about the word love. So many people are afraid of this word. Mainly because they are afraid of getting hurt. I know sometimes when you haven’t had luck with relationships it’s easier to just be alone. I use to feel the same way. I use to feel like my luck with relationships were slim to none. I was starting to feel content with being alone. Not that I didn't enjoy being alone because during that period of singleness I got to know myself and love myself again.

I was always in a relationship, so I never knew what it felt like to be single. I took myself on dates. I spoiled myself with gifts and pamper sessions. I got use to doing everything I wanted for myself and it felt good. I felt like I didn’t need anyone because loving myself was enough. Yes, loving yourself is enough but there were times when I wanted someone to do things with. I knew it couldn’t be just anybody it had to be someone special. Finding someone to love takes date after date until someone fits what you’re looking for. While you’re dating it’s going to seem like a lost cause but just hang in there it might take over 100 dates to find the person that you were meant to be with. I was a picky dater. I did the phone test before I went on a date. I would talk to the person for a few weeks get to know them then if they stuck around that long then we could possibly meet for a date. Usually if someone is serious about starting a relationship, they will understand the process of waiting for a date. I mean there’s no point in rushing right. So I usually would weed out the bad and occasionally I would end up with a decent date. I was tough during that time of my life because I knew how to love myself and I wasn’t going to allow just anybody to have my heart if they were not serious. I am such a hopeless romantic and I still believe there are good people out there that value monogamous relationships if that's what you are looking for in life. That's was what I was looking for, so I wasn’t going to stop going on dates until I felt like I found the right one. Loving again was hard for me because I was afraid of getting hurt again but it really doesn’t matter because you would never know who’s going to hurt you. You just got to take chances and hope that the person you with loves you equally as you love them. When I met my husband there was never a doubt in my mind about his character. The way he treated me was how I treated myself. He wasn’t like anyone I known. He was different. It wasn’t hard for me to let down my walls because I trusted him instantly and I normally don’t trust people easily. When you find the one, I promise you, you’ll never second guess if this person is right for you. It will be a feeling inside of you that lets you know it’s just right. Everything that has worked out in my life didn’t seem ordinary. It all just happen so quickly, and I never expected it. I believe in fate and I don’t believe you have to be spiritual to believe in it. I believe that things happen to us when it supposed to and when it happens you will just know. So if you are single I don’t want you to give up on love. I do believe true love is real and whatever type of love you’re looking for you can have it. While you wait on love focus on loving yourself. Spend time with yourself. Learning what makes you happy and what makes you sad. If you’re married or dating spend time with your spouse. Make time for each other. If you have problems in your relationship. Figure them out. No relationship is easy. You just must be willing to make it work no matter what. In some cases, such as infidelity or abuse that’s a different story everyone must decide what works for them in those situations. Besides abuse and infidelity most things can be worked out through constant communication.

No one can read minds. You must be willing to be vulnerable and hope that the person you are dating will reciprocate. Marriage is hard. Dating is hard. It’s a constant decision to commit yourself to someone with different personalities and beliefs than you and when two different personalities get together, there is a potential for disagreements.

For anyone who is reading this I want you to know its okay to love again. Don't given up on love. I promise you there is still real love out there. Everyone deserves love that want love. True love is real and if you want it, you will receive it. Don't settle. It might take you a long time to find the one but there’s no point in rushing because your heart is worth more than gold. Not everyone should have a piece of it. “A priceless moment is when the person that you have fallen in love with, looks you right in the eyes to tells you that they have fallen in love with you.” -Unknown So, remember today for the single people that are ready to love start loving yourself and for the married and dating couples don’t give up on each other. True love is unconditional. You have to be willing to love even through disagreements.

Happy Valentine Day

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