It’s okay to not fit it

Following the crowds. Staying trendy is something I’ve never been interested in. Don’t get me wrong I love fashion, hair, and everything feminine but I never make choices based on fitting in.

When I was younger, I wanted to fit in. I thought I had to wear certain clothes and shoes to fit in. I remember when everyone was wearing Birkenstocks in middle school. It’s like everyone had them besides me. Of course, I’m exaggerating but that’s how we feel sometimes. Everyone is doing it so we should also do it. Wrong! I didn’t know that at the time because I was too young and not mature enough to know that material things didn’t validate me as a person. All I wanted at that time was those shoes so I could fit in.

The pressure children go through is ridiculous. I tell my children each day to always stay true to themselves. It’s okay to be different from everyone else. Adults deal with it to. The reality shows feature women with Botox and breast implants, lip fillers, and extensions. Not saying they all are doing it to fit in but what society now defines as beautiful isn’t the average girl. The new beautiful isn’t all nature anymore. There’s nothing wrong with wearing extensions because I do myself and if you want to get plastic surgery that’s perfectly fine with me but don’t change yourself to fit in.

When you decide to just be yourself and try not to fit in it builds your self-esteem. The pressure of always trying to fit in is tiring. Nobody can ever be happy trying to make everyone else happy.

I know I am different. The things I enjoy not everyone I know enjoys. The music I listen to. The way I dress is different from my friends. I don’t try to fit in. I love being me. You don’t have to share the same interests with your friends to fit in and a real friend will understand that. No one should have the pressure of trying to fit in. We should celebrate people for their differences and embrace them. Life sometimes feels like a competition. We all are trying to survive so why do we make it hard on ourselves trying to fit in?

So today I want you to remember it’s okay that you don’t fit in. You were made differently for a reason. None of us have the same hair, eyes, or skin complexion. We were created uniquely so learn to celebrate your differences. If you continue to try to fit in, you’ll eventually lose yourself.

“They laughed at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”


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