Running Late to the Gym

I was running late to the gym this morning. I was rushing. I don’t like to rush but somehow, I was doing it anyway. As I was heading to the gym, I also realized my gas tank was almost empty. I knew I could make it to the gym, but I would have to stop by a gas station afterwards. As I kept driving, I told myself to slow down. Why was I rushing? I had the time, but I was acting as if I didn’t. I already told my children the night before that they could sleep a little later than normal since we were taking them to school in the morning. I had time but since I’m used to going to the gym early, I felt like I was late. My heart was racing I was frustrated, and I didn’t like the way my body felt. I felt nauseous. In that moment I quickly reminded myself to slow down. I began to focus on my breathing, and I felt my body slowly calm down.

So, what I was going to the gym a little later than normal. So, what I was running behind it’s not the end of the world, but I was acting like it was my last workout before God took me off the face of this earth. I know I’m not the only one that rushes everybody does it. Recently my husband has shared with me that he is going to start leaving for work earlier. So yesterday he did it. He got up early and left early. When he got to work, he called me, and I asked him how it feels getting to work so early. He said if felt like he wasn’t rushing.

When we rush, we put a body through all these emotions. Our adrenaline is pumping. We get angry with the drivers on the road, the traffic lights and sometimes ourselves. Frustrated because we are rushing. Our body goes through all these emotions for what purpose. No purpose at all if you ask me.

We are not going to get there any sooner so why be frustrated when we get there. I have found I make more mistakes when I rush versus when I don’t. I know you probably thinking what if you be late to work. First of all, you cant get there any quicker and if you are speeding you might get stopped by a law enforcer and risk being even more late.

I did get to the gym a lot later, but I still finish my workout at the same time I always do so rushing really wouldn’t have solved anything.

So, remember today learn to slow down, focus on your breathing when you are rushing. You can’t get there any sooner then you already wanted to so why take your body through unwanted emotions that it doesn’t have to.

Enjoy your day and remember to take your time I promise you will get there when you were supposed to


Breathe in, breathe out, move on -Jimmy Buffett

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