Learning to Be Present

How often have you found yourself day dreaming? Me more than often. Driving somewhere not really noticing the scenery but you arrive at your destination safely. The times when you’re eating, and you look down and your food is gone, and you wonder how you finished so fast? Or times when we are in our heads while someone is talking to us and we don’t remember the conversation. We often don’t get to enjoy the little things because we always have our head in the clouds, or our brain per-say. These are signs of your body not being present.

I know I talk about working on your goals and being successful but sometimes it’s good to be still. Being still doesn’t mean that you forgot about your goals. It’s taking a moment to recognize where you are right now. As I have gotten older, I realized the importance of being present. As a mom I don’t want to miss moments because my brain was somewhere. We all love our phones but sometimes it’s okay to not document every second of our life. When I have parties for my children. I’m constantly focusing on what’s going to happen next and I don’t really enjoy the party as much as I would if someone else hosted. Taking pictures and videos making memories that should be enjoyed now and not reminisced about later.

Were all moving fast and sometimes we don’t take time to sit and take everything in. Like when we are driving sometimes, we are on the phone or listening to music. Our brain is constantly on the move. From one thought to the next thought. Never taking a break. It’s good to just drive in silence and marvel at the scenery being conscious of everything around us.

Part of growing a business and marketing requires you to be on social media and networking but sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we don’t give ourselves time to enjoy the moment.

I was listening to Oprah Super Soul Conversations podcast. Let me just say this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I’m not promoting it because it’s Oprah, but she always has some interesting guest on her podcast that challenges me to think about my life. The podcast stresses the importance of just enjoying life where you are because you will get to where you want to be eventually. Imagine if you by passed all the struggles of becoming this successful person and woke up and was already there. Yes, it would be cool, but you didn’t enjoy the journey. You must learn to enjoy the journey.

Part of me growing as a person comes with learning new practices. Learning to be present is one of the things I need to work on.

When I took a year off from social media years ago, I didn’t realize how beneficial that was for my life. So many things changed that year for the good and I was more focused. When our brains are constantly racing, we can’t focus on our life that’s why it’s important to be present.

I know it’s exciting when you figure out what you want to do with your life, and you want to get started on it right away but you have to enjoy your life right now. Whatever you want will come but while you wait enjoy the journey of being present.

So, remember today don’t be so focused on your future that you forget to enjoy the present.

“True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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