Celebrate the Success of Others

“Supporting Another’s Success Won’t Ever Damper Yours.” -Taylor Swift

It’s exciting when I accomplish my goals. That feeling you get when you are working hard for something and you finally receive it. You just want to jump and shout, cry, and smile. When we set goals, we don’t know when we will achieve them, we just put effort in everyday to receive them.

My niece is getting married today. I remember when we were younger, and we would pretend to have boyfriends. Playing with dolls fantasizing about our husband and children. Now that she is grown, I reflect on how far she has come from a girl to a woman. She has been dating her fiancé for years and this is something she wanted for a long time and now that the day is here, I know she feels proud. I feel proud to. Though it’s not my wedding I’m excited. The whole time she’s been planning the wedding and stressing I’ve been sharing sympathy stress because I know she wants it to be perfect because this is her special day. She finally can check married off the list of accomplishments and it brings me satisfaction knowing she has accomplished something she longed for.

In life you must be willing to celebrate others for their successes even when we are not doing so well in life. Sometimes it’s hard to celebrate others when our life is going downhill but you must be willing to congratulate them for their accomplishments. It feels good when you have a support team rooting you on so we should also reciprocate that favor to others.

There’re so many people that I am friends with that are doing well in life. Not just getting married but buying houses, starting businesses, graduating from colleges, these are just a few of the many accomplishments. Seeing others accomplish their dreams motivates me to work toward mine. When I feel myself getting off track watching my friends work toward their goals helps me refocus on what I am aspiring to be. Also having a lot of successful friends means I can contact them for support in areas I might not be knowledgeable in which in the end benefits the both of us. They benefit by helping me which grows their business. I benefit because I receive good information to help me continue to be successful. It’s a win win situation.

Seeing others succeeding is confirmation that I can also succeed. We must learn to turn things into a positive instead of beating ourselves up playing the comparison game. Sometimes in life our friends might be ahead of us in their successes which cause us to feel defeated. When you look at your friend don’t feel defeated because this causes us to lose focus on your own dreams. Use their accomplishments as motivation not as competition. There is enough success in the world to go around.

I have accomplished a lot of my goals in life and there were times when I felt like giving up. I didn’t have a support system to help keep me motivated. Since I didn’t have a lot of support, I understand the feeling you get when you receive a good job or congratulations because no one knows how hard your journey has been but you. Everyone is watching from the side lines, but you are the one playing the game. They don’t see the times you were hit and knocked down. They don’t see the disappointments. They see you working and not knowing that you are battling with yourself on whether you should give up or keep going? So, when someone acknowledges my hard work it makes me feel good. I sometimes need a pat on the shoulder for doing a good job. I know that I’m not going to always receiver it but when I do it’s a good feeling.

So, as you go about your day it’s okay to cheer others on when they accomplish their goals. Like the golden rule says treat others like you want to be treated. If you like being celebrated for your successes pay homage to others as well.

“Promise yourself today to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.”

-Christian D. Larson

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