Everything Requires Work

Everything requires hard work, so they say but what if we looked at hard work differently? What if we took the word hard out of the sentence and said, “everything requires work?” When we think our body decides on a choice. So, if our brain thinks something is hard it tells our body that the task is difficult. Which leads to most people not completing the task. If your brain thinks it takes just work, then that’s all you need. The workload only increases the severity of it doesn’t. Life it’s measured by who life is the hardest because there’s no scale for that. Everyone thinks whatever they go through in life is harder than anyone else’s that’s why we can’t measure it.

When we are trying to accomplish something, we must change our approach. Don’t tell yourself that it’s hard tell yourself that it’s possible. Write don’t the steps you need to take to accomplish the goal and then get to work. Work on getting better every day, building your skills, learning, and staying consistent. If you continue to tell yourself how hard it is then everything you want out of life will take longer than you intend it to. I didn’t realize how this one word impacted my life in a negative way. I had to start telling myself that everything requires work. Some goals required more work than others but if I continued to work towards it, I will accomplish it. If I thinks it’s hard then it will be hard but if I go at it with effort putting in the work, then slowly I will achieve the things I set out to do in life.

So many people have heard this saying, so it seems like its normal but it’s not normal. That’s why there are less people passionate about what they are doing because what they really wanted to do, they were told it was hard. People will tell you this and leave you unmotivated to continue but you must not listen to this negativity. You only get to live once. Life is meant to be experienced and you cannot do this without living your life to the fullest. Try things if they don’t work out try something else but don’t get discouraged because it will require work. Nothing just happens, we must make it if. So, if we want it we must be willing to go out there and work for it.

So, remember today the only thing that stops us from accomplishing anything in life is ourselves. When we think that everyone else has it made or they were given handouts that’s the mind of a pessimist. We can’t worry about other people situations we have to stay focused on our owns. We can’t help the life we were born into, but we can change the outcome. Just because you think their life is easy doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish what they have accomplished. If you continue to think like this, you won’t have any room to focus on the goals you are trying to accomplish. So, learn to focus on your work load so that it may become lighter.

What have you given up on because someone you love told you it was hard? What have you given up on because you felt like it was hard? Stop giving up on yourself when the task requires more work. Nothing in life is easy. Everything requires effort but if you are willing to keep pushing forward you will accomplish what you been working toward.

What will happen to your life once you decide to take the word hard out of work?

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”

-Gail Devers

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