How Your Surroundings Effect Your Growth?

“Amazing things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”-Unknown

Sometimes in life you must distance yourself in order to grow. The people who we surround ourselves with are not bad people but sometimes they can stunt our growth. Yes, it’s true we don’t suppose to allow anyone to influence us, but it happens all the time. We often don’t realize it when it happens either. Why? Because it’s usually people who we care about. These people are who has the most influence on us. Since we care about them, we are often blinded by their poor behavior. Our family and friends truly love us, and they don’t intentionally try to sabotage us from accomplishing our goals, but it happens. When we allow them to complain to us, or when we participate in unhealthy habits, habits that don’t line up with our personal development, we can’t grow. They mean no harm but sometimes we must set boundaries so that our future doesn’t get effect by our surroundings.

I noticed that the people I were around had the most influence on me. It’s true Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Of course, you’re not 100% like the people you surround yourself with, but you do share some traits. That’s why it is important to be aware of who you are around the most because they can affect your future. I know this seem extreme, but it is true. At my place of employment there are a lot of negative people and there were times when it affected me. I started embracing their bad habits without even realizing it. I decided to distance myself with minimize conversations and interactions. I couldn’t allow them to ruin my aura.

So, how does your surrounding effect your growth. Well, if you are around an environment that is not thriving then you are more likely to fail. Bad habits are contagious and if you constantly surrounding by it then you will eventually adopt those habits. Also, conversations and discussions you have with people can affect your growth. When I expanded my social circle, I started realizing that majority of the people I was around the most thought the same way as me, so I wasn’t learning from them. You want to be learning from people who are around you. Of course, you are not going to learn everything but it’s good to be around people who you can share knowledge with. Learning from each other and growing while you’re learning. The most successful people read and are constantly learning. If your trying to develop and accomplish the goals, you have for your life, you must start watching the behaviors of successful people. Warrren Buffett, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg are among the few who pride themselves in the importance of reading and knowledge. They wouldn’t be as successful as they are if they didn’t learn to protect their surroundings.

When I was surrounding myself with individuals that didn’t have goals or ambition, I wasn’t motivated. I would justify why I was in the condition I was in because I thought it was valid. The people I was friends with and some of my family members at the time didn’t have their life together so, I thought it was okay if I didn’t have mine together either. Wrong, not only was I allowing their laziness to affect me, I was also justifying their laziness. When we are surrounded by people that have the opposite outlook on life as us, we often adopt their habits. We don’t notice it but eventually we wake up and wonder where our life is going. I have said this to my husband multiple times when I find myself derailing and then I get back on track. I had come to realize that I can’t and will not allow myself to be associated with people that are going against what I need to accomplish for myself. I have a plan and purpose for my life, and I can’t stay on track when I’m surrounded by certain individuals.

This was harsh for me to do because I love everybody but not everybody deserves to be around me while I am trying to establish myself. I can’t work on my issues and everyone else’s. For me to stay on the right path I had to do this. Yes, I lost some friend on the way and some family members don’t associate with me anymore due to this, but I was tired of trying to make everyone happy while I was losing myself on the inside. I couldn’t thrive in a negative environment and my well-being was more important than anyone else’s. My surroundings were draining me, and I needed my energy back.

So, how does your surroundings effect your growth. How doesn’t it? It effects every area of your life. When you have a purpose, plan, and goals for your life the time you take to accomplish them relies solely on your environment. Who will you allow to motivate you or detour you? We must stay afloat and get rid of what is causing us to sink our ship.

So, remember today distancing yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love someone. Distancing yourself means you love yourself more. Your surroundings do affect your personal growth and if you want to accomplish anything in life it starts with evaluating your surroundings.

“Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from everyone and everything and recoup, sort out your thoughts, listen to your heart, breathe, read a book, write about how much your life sucked – then write about how much you can’t wait to see the positive changes. Relearn yourself, accept all the hurt you’ve been through. Forgive everyone who’s hurt you, even if that means doing it within, and never physically or verbally reaching out. Let go and rejuvenate. Take a step away from the chaos and find peace within.

-Reyna Biddy

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