How to Prioritize Your Life Successfully?

“Know what matters most to you and be unwilling to compromise those priorities at almost any price.”

- Frank Sonnenberg

Patience’s is something most people struggle with. It seems like everyone I know is always pushed for time. We cram so much into our schedules that we barely have time for anything. Even the roads are busy. People are constantly on the move.

This year I started looking more into what I do with my time. Though I do say no to a lot of invitations I still have a full schedule. I bought a dry erase calendar last year when the children went back to school and seeing everything on the calendar made we realize that I am always busy. Each weekend I have something I’m invited to or a project I’m working on. During the week it’s school stuff for the children, doctor, dentist, and chiropractor appointments. Though this varies week to week and month to month I have a pretty tight schedule. I often wish I had an assistance because if I’m not careful some things tend to get overlooked.

Of course, I don’t dislike performing these tasks, but I often wonder when did I become so busy? Being a mom, a wife, and a career driven woman, I guess that’s how. Trying to build a business and a brand for myself adds volume to my already tight schedule. I know that eventually my schedule will not be so demanding but while I’m working on building myself, I must sacrifice somewhere.

I have learned to prioritize my life according to what is important to less important. This is what’s going to help me be successful in life. I make self-development first because if I’m not good I cannot be good for anyone. Family time second. I now get up earlier and make time for my children and date nights with my husbands is a must. Third is career. As a mom and wife, I cannot put my business before them. Social time is last. I realize social time should be last because when I’m socializing rather on the internet or physical interaction it’s not productive to my personal advancement, therefore, I put it last. When you evaluate your life, you learn how to prioritize successfully. We must be honest with ourselves and realize that some habits we engage in can cause us to lose focus on the things we want to accomplish in life.

Learning to prioritize my life isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s an up and down battle. I put everything in order and sometimes I end of putting my social and family time first and myself last. When I notice this, I reset and start over. My to do list is part of what keeps my life in check. My to do list helps me stay focused, organized, and I don’t feel like my life is falling apart. If I don’t keep a to do list my life gets hectic. I make a list with high priorities on the top and low on the bottom and then I complete it. I always make sure the top tasks get completed first before I move on. Yes, we all get busy but if your busy taking care of your priorities it’s fine. If you don’t learn how to prioritize your time, then you’ll always be chasing it.

I had to realize this later in my life because I was always asking myself where did the time go? Literally, I didn’t know where my time was going. I was barely surviving, and I didn’t know what I was doing. This was all due to me not taking control of my priorities. In life we must make what’s important to us a priority and then everything falls behind it. If you want to accomplish anything you must start looking at what you do with your time. Take time to evaluate your schedule, maybe document every hour of your day, writing down what you’re doing at each time. Do this for two or three days then figure out what needs to be penciled out or what needs to be added.

We all have the same number of hours in a day so why does it seem like everyone else around us doesn’t? They don’t have more time they just realized what is more valuable to their life. When we don’t know what we value the most, we don’t know how to prioritize it. When I made a list of what I value the most in my life starting with the greatest to the least then I was able to focus on what really mattered. Yes, social time is important, but it wasn’t more important than everything else in my life. I couldn’t make progress until I organized my priorities. When we make what we value most a priority then we will accomplish it. What we value and prioritize will be the thriving force in our lives. If you want to accomplish anything then it must be put on your priority list.

So, as you go about your day learn to prioritize your day according to most important to least important then get your day started. If you want to have a successful day it starts with evaluating where you spend your time the most.

“Life is all about priorities. Year after year, day after day, and even minute after minute you have to embrace what is more important and essential for you and not look back. When others don’t understand or admonish you for your choices don’t give it any energy because they are telling you that their wants are more significant than yours.”

-Carl Henegan

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