Why Are Vision Boards Important?

“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

I’m a visual person. If I can see or imagine something, I can create it. This past weekend I did my daughter hair in two big pink braids. She wanted to be a unicorn for her birthday to match her party theme. I do not know how to cornrow to the scalp, but I got creative and eventually made it work. I made two single braids out of the hair and then I bobby pinned them to her already braided down hair. She loved it and no one could tell a difference.

Being able to visually see something and then create it is helpful in the self-improvement area. I like creating vision boards because to me it’s better than just words on a piece of paper. I can write my goals down but seeing what they are is motivational. When I make my vision boards, I don’t only use pictures I also cut out words from magazines. I cut out single words that get to the point. Such as healthy living, read more books, worry free, debt free, get more sleep, refresh mind, body, and soul, and lastly what defines you? These are currently on my vision board. I create vision boards throughout the year. I also use this as a craft with my children because I believe it’s important for them to have goals for themselves. I’m not expecting them to have these extravagant goals. I want to see what they are passionate about and what they think they can improve in if they are struggling with something. This helps me connect with them and I learn more about them through these boards. I learn what they are interested in and they share their struggles with me which helps me be able to help them reach their goals.

Why is a vision board beneficial? Vision boards are beneficial because sometimes seeing what our goal looks like helps us understand what we are truly working for. Sometimes we have goals and when we write them down, it doesn’t give us an ideal of how that goal looks. So, being able to see it visually will help us stay motivated. I put mine in a place I can see when I wake up. That’s the first thing you should see when you wake up because it’s going to help you propel through the day. This is quicker than looking at a piece of paper with goals written down on it. Especially for most people who are always on the go. Looking at a board with pictures takes lesser time then reading through your goals. Plus, visualization is the most powerful exercise for our brains. If we see can see it, we can attract it. This is part of the Law of Attraction. Most people quit their goals because even though they write them down they don’t fully understand what they are. I know this might sound strange but sometimes we write down goals but don’t have an ideal of what that goal looks like. Seeing them on a board will give us an ideal of what they look like once we obtain them. Vision boards help me stay excited about life. Seeing my goals daily is a reminder of why I haven’t given up. I know what I must do no matter how I feel. I am responsible for creating my life and seeing a picture of it every day helps me to keep going.

I started making vision boards three years ago. Though I make vision boards I also write my goals down. When writing them down I include the steps it takes to get me there. The steps do not have to be super detailed because sometimes I don’t know all the steps. I write down what I think need to be done for me to accomplish my goals.

What is a vision board? A vision board is something used to show you the vision you have for your life. The things you are passionate about or ways to improve your life including health, career, relationships, and so forth. It can include pictures of things you want to do or obtain in life. Examples of cars, houses, a person exercising, pictures of book, pictures of a future spouse, or children. These are things you can put on your board but don’t stop there. I usually used magazines, but you can print images you find on google. It’s simple and it’s relaxing and fun. It challenges your brain to think and if you’re not creative this will help your creative side. Vision boards help you gain clarity in areas where you feel are at a standstill. Why? When you’re creating a vision board you have complete mental focus and most of us don’t give ourselves that time so while doing this, you’re able to see clarity in areas of your life. When we’re so cluttered it’s nice to debunk, reflect, and refocus.

How to create a vision board? I used a small poster board from the dollar store, but you can use whatever size you think you might need. I use a small one because I create new ones throughout the year. If I complete my goals on the first one, I make another one. You also need a glue stick, magazines, markers, and scissors. You can be as creative, or you can keep it simple. Sometimes I go overboard and at times I keep it simple. It’s your vision board you can make it however you want. Complete this exercise during your quiet time because you don’t want any distractions while completing your vision board. When I had a vision party it was quiet because everyone was so focused on what they wanted to put on their boards. We talked for a few minutes but once we started creating our boards it was total silence.

I recently listen to an Ed Mylett podcast and he had a guest name Manny Khoshbin featured and they discussed his vision board he created for his life. He drew a picture of his house, wife, and a lot of other things. He didn’t go out looking for a house that he drew or the wife he just worked toward his goals daily and he obtained what he envisioned but it took him visually seeing what he wanted. Not just writing it down but showing his brain what he wants his life to look like. Some say his house and wife looks exactly like what he drew years ago. Though it took him awhile to obtain the goal he still obtained it.

Visualization is powerful. If you want to obtain anything in life it starts with seeing it. I believe it’s more powerful than writing it down. You must first see it, next write it down, then figure out what you must do to obtain it. We all are equipped with creativity that’s why parts of our brain specialize in various things. Some may be more creative than others, but we all are equipped with creativity.

Vision boards are a good tool to help you reach your goals. They might sound cheesy and I thought that when I did it the first time, but they been proven to help many successful people achieve their goals. If you are not creating vision boards for your life you should start. Remember visualization is the most powerful exercise for our brains. We must be willing to take time out of our busy schedules to refocus and visualize how we see our life. We can want things in life but without a clear picture and direction we tend to lose focus.

“Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”

― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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