Learning to Unplug

This past weekend was amazing. My husband and I decided to ride our bikes. We both love riding our bikes but we don’t get to enjoy it as much as we want together because of our different work schedules. My mom came over and spent some time with our children so that was our cue to leave for a few hours.

It felt great being outside in the nature. I was so happy. There were so many people riding their bikes and walking. The weather was nice and as I paddled on my bike, I reminisced on how it felt when I rode my bike as a child. My family is from the country and we rode our bikes all day sometimes. It felt great being outside because I felt like I was a child again. As I marveled at the beautiful nature around me, I wondered why I don’t get to more? We live in this beautiful world and often most people are on the go, even when we’re not on the go, people are busy with their phones or headphones in. On the trail there were plenty of people, but I noticed a lot of them had their headphones in.

We are so glued to our phones and technology that we miss the beauty around us. If we take time out of our busy schedules and just spend time in nature, it’s amazing how you will feel afterwards. Spending time in nature helps me think. It gives me clarity because I can focus when I have no distractions. This is what we need sometimes because a lot of us usually have busy lives. Especially if you’re trying to build a brand for yourself. When you’re trying to establish yourself, we often forget that we need breaks. I realized this a few weeks ago that I needed more time in nature. I am a busy person but when I have free time, I spend it plugged in.

I decided I will no longer do that. Technology is a good thing but it’s also good to take time from it. Most people can’t go a day without being in their phones. I took some pictures and videos yesterday, but I did it to capture the moment. The rest of my time on the bike was spent enjoying the scenery. When we are in our phones, we miss out on so many things around us. I wanted to remember yesterday with my eyes not just with photos and videos. I wanted to remember how it sounded, looked, and felt. I wanted to become one with nature and I genuinely felt happy being on my bike. I wanted to shout and tell everyone but that would have been weird. We road our bikes for about 17 miles. We stopped one time on the way, but it was just a hydration stop. After we refueled our body we kept going. I felt like a child again on my bike playing with my husband my crush. I love doing things I enjoy with him and I’m glad that he enjoys nature as much as I do.

As humans we must learn to unplug, and I encourage anyone that is reading this blog to start doing that today. Our phones are great, but they are also a distraction. If we are not doing anything on them that is helpful to our goals, then we must learn to put them down. I now have become aware of how many times I find my phone is in my hand. I started putting it up more and leaving it on silent. This one of the reasons most people are not accomplishing their goals. People are busy on social media watching everyone else lives hoping that one day theirs will be like that. Hoping they will be confident enough to conquer their goals, but you can’t go after anything when you’re stuck in your phones. When I got rid of social media for a year as an experiment, I realized that mostly everyone communicates on social media. I forced my love ones to communicate with me the traditional way and in that moment, I realized people are too dependent on their phones. They kept asking me when I was going to get back on social media?

I was like not any time soon. I do things like this to show myself I am in control and being unplugged will teach yourself about your body and what it depends on. So, I encourage you to take my challenge. Spend more time in nature. Most adults have allergies and even children because we don’t spend a lot of time outside. When I was a child, I didn’t have allergies my body was immune to nature. Since most people don’t spend time outside, they develop an allergy and then they are taking these medications that only temporarily make them feel better. I don’t take allergy medicines no more or any medications unless my home remedies don’t work and most of the time it does. I don’t get sick often. If I do it’s once a year and my famous lemon concoction always helps.

Our body is made to heal itself. This is something I stress to everyone I know. When we eat a nutrient rich diet, exercise, and spending time in nature we are a healthier person. Our ancestors did not have all this technology or fast foods everywhere. They had farms and mom and pop places, and they didn’t eat out every day all day. They had home cooked meals and they liked it that way. I am on the journey to going back to my old roots. When I was a child we didn’t eat out and a lot of fast food spots were not available, so we ate home cooked meals. We played outside as a family. We were very active. We had technology by we rather play outside then sit on the couch watching television.

So, remember today get out and have fun in nature. Don’t be so busy in your phones that you miss the beauty around you.

“Sometimes we need to disconnect in order to reconnect with what matters.”-unknown

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