3 Things Holding You Back

Most people are not living their full potential because they are afraid of being judged. When I decided that I wanted to change my life I knew it meant that there will be times when I made mistakes and messed up. I knew I’ll be judged by my choices because people sometimes don’t understand change. I’ve been told by people that I was crazy for wanting to start a business and leave my job. My job pays me excellent money, but I don’t chase money I chase my passion, the things I enjoy, and love. I like my job but when you are not fulfilled in your career, a job just feels like a task on your to do list that has to be completed. Changing can be scary but if you don’t like the way your life is only you have the power to change it. When deciding to change people are faced with three types of judgements. One type of judgement is everyone seeing you fail. I’m afraid of failing and so is anyone else but failure and mistakes are good. Why? They teach you how to make better decisions. If we got everything right the first time, then how will we learn when we face a difficulty in life? So, what if someone sees you fail, if you are going after your passion you are going to have times when you fail but when it happens decide to try again. Don’t give up because people admire those who push through despite their mistakes and let downs. People are afraid to go after their goals so seeing someone else do it gives them motivation. Also, sometimes we think people are watching our every move but most of the time they are not. People are sometimes so busy wrapped up in their own mess that they don’t see everyone else’s issues. I have failed multiple times, but I have not given up. I decided that no matter how tough it gets I will eventually win. When you are trying to accomplish your goals you eventually will have more than enough money to do the things that you enjoy. Being rich is something most people are afraid of. If they were not afraid of it then they wouldn’t sabotage everything in their life. Establishing a healthy relationship with money is important because if you want to succeed and have the things you desire it will require making an income that you are comfortable with. Having money doesn’t make you a bad person. So many people have said money is the root of evil but it’s not. People that are evil do evil things for and with money but a person with a good heart will never be corrupted by money. Our relationship with money will determine how much we have. If you are always complaining about money and not having enough then you won’t have enough. I know this may seem weird, but our words are important and what we say can make or break our lives. You must believe in yourself and your abilities to make the money you want in life to have the lifestyle you long for.

This was one thing that I struggled with because I was making money, but I was afraid of what people would say. The people close to me were not doing well financially so I felt like I shouldn’t be happy with my wealth because they were living in a financial crisis. I eventually realized that we all have the power of choice and everything that I have was due to my choices. I worked hard and sacrificed, and it was okay that I was doing well in life. I grew up in a single parent home so there were times when I didn’t get the things I wanted. As an adult my relationship with success was an up and down battle. When I achieved something, I did something to jeopardize it. I couldn’t figure out why until after reading and developing myself I realized my relationship with money was why I was jeopardizing my life. I was allowing myself to have financial difficulties because I felt like I didn’t deserve it because everyone else around me would judge me for having too much money. This might sound silly but it’s true for everyone. If you’re not careful it can be the downfall of anything you want in life. Learn to have a good relationship with money because if you want a lot of it you must love it not in a sense of worshiping it, but you must tell yourself that you deserve it. When you are working towards something you should be rewarded not just with good job or a pat on a back you also should be compensated. When you decide to make a change in your life you might lose some people alone the way. I was afraid to change my life because I didn’t want to lose the people in my life. If you continue to stay around bad habits, then you won’t see a difference in your life. Changing requires evaluating where you are and removing what is holding you back and sometimes that includes people. I’m not saying don’t talk to the ones holding you back but have a conversation with them and let them know that you are trying to make changes in your life, and you will no longer do the things you used to. Most will respect your decision but if they don’t it’s okay. You must learn to be okay with losing people. I wasn’t always okay with it, but I had to learn to be okay with it. The people I lost we’re mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. They were hindering me from accomplishing my goals because they made me feel bad about every accomplishment I made. I felt ashamed of my successes and I didn’t feel entitled to the things I accomplish even though my blood, sweat, and tears went into accomplishing them. That’s how people develop bad relationships with money. When people you love make you feel bad for having it you struggle with developing a healthy relationship with money. This was a up and down battle for me until I told myself I couldn’t allow people in my life that made me feel bad for my accomplishments.

If we are afraid to fail, we will fail. If we despise people with money, we won’t attract it. If we are afraid of losing people because of having money, we won’t have money. It’s simple. You can’t hold on to your current life and still have the life you long for. You must get rid of some things in life to have the things you want. Everything requires a sacrifice; you just must figure out which one is worth fighting for. So, remember today when you are trying to succeed in life you must let go of the things holding you back. Most people are afraid to fail, fear being rich, or are afraid of losing people due to their success. If you worry about these things you will never have the life you always longed for. Today decide that you will have the life you imagine, let go of the thoughts clouding your head and start putting your life first this is the only way you will achieve the things you want in life.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”-Les Brown

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