How Clutter Clouds Your Life?

Clutter is untidiness, internal, and external. Clutter is something that happens over time. We all collect things that we often don’t need. Old bills, receipts, children schoolwork, clothes we can’t fit or don’t wear, broken gadgets, and the list goes on. We claim we’re going to throw it away one day or even donate it. We get the urge and then when it’s time to do the task we put it off until another day. Last week I decided to get rid of clutter. I started with the children rooms, then I went through things in my room, and even my purse. After I was finished I had over four bags of trash. Wow, right? I couldn’t believe how much junk I had at my house. I still have more clutter to get rid of, but these were things hidden and out of sight, I thought about these things, but I never got around to getting rid of it. My purse had old coupons and receipt; it was pathetic how much trash I had. After I finished, I felt amazing.

Working in clutter can crowd your thinking. Imagine trying to work in a space that is filled with clutter, I promise you won’t feel inspired. The more I thought about the bills I needed to shred and the expired coupons or the schoolwork from the children previous school years I got anxiety, but I knew if I kept all that clutter that will cause even more anxiety. Most people will laugh if I told them I got rid of a lot of clutter because I’m usually an organized person but sometimes I find things I like that I become attached to, and it eventually it accumulates overtime. I’m an organized clutter collector. Just kidding. Clutter doesn’t always look junky; it can be useless things taking up your space.

When you get rid of clutter you make room for the things you really need. Sometimes we hold on to things we don't need anymore. Is it fear? I don't know. Whatever it is. It can be the reason why we are not where we want to be in life. Sometimes we hold to people that serve us no purpose they constantly make us feel like crap, and we still keep them around. Why? Is it fear of loneliness or singleness, whatever it may be, we don't need people in our space causing clutter, we need inspirational people, who makes us feel good about ourselves. When you let go of things and people you will slowly see your life changing into what you long for. I know this sounds crazy but it's true clutter can cause chaos and confusion and once you get rid of it you gain clarity and focus. Imagine no longer searching for scissors in your junk jar or a pen because now the junk drawer is the organized drawer. Imagine how easier your life will be when you don’t have to search through junk to find things. Imagine how you will feel no longer crowded by the clutter feelings of a unsatisfied friend, spouse, or family member, you will no longer have to try to make someone else happy because you realized that their unhappiness was crowding your space, causing clutter. It's time to get your life back and for those who made a pack with me at the beginning of this year, 2019 will be your year. I meant it and this is part of the process of making 2019 your year. You can no longer have the same habits, routines, and people that cause you the same troubles last year, it's time to take control of your life and get rid of that clutter for real and for good.

If you don’t have external clutter maybe you suffer from internal clutter. Internal clutter are just negative self-sabotaging thoughts that go through you head. They only discourage you and they don’t add value to your life. Getting rid of internal clutter isn’t as easy as getting rid of external clutter. You must work towards eliminating this every day. Start with noticing the thoughts that come in your head then replace those thoughts with positive ones. For example, if you say you’re ugly, say your beautiful. If you say you can’t do it, tell yourself, you believe you can do it. Clutter is not good for your self-care. So, start today getting rid of clutter. First start with the external clutter then slowly work towards getting rid of the internal clutter. When our brain is cloudy, we can’t think and when we can’t think straight, we make decisions we’ll regret. This week I encourage you to get rid of clutter not just external clutter but internal clutter as well. Choose a space to clean and once you finish, tackle another one, until you finish. To make this task easy work on one space each week so you won’t become overwhelmed. Also pay attention to thoughts that clutter your head and cause you to feel down. We often must be our own motivators so clear your head of things that’s going to stop you from achieving your goals to live the life you long for. So, remember clutter is something that effects your body internally and externally, when you remove it from your life, you’ll wonder why you took so long to remove it.

“When you are filled with inner clutter, the chaos reflects in your personality as obsessiveness, confusion, disorganization, broken speech patterns, insomnia, indecisiveness, and lack of direction. When your home and world are in disarray, you can't relax. It takes more energy to be in chaos because you must keep track of all the junk. Eventually exhaustion sets in. When you honestly look at clutter and ask if it's necessary in your life, buried emotions come to the surface.... Toss what's unnecessary so that you can finally relax, and your remaining possessions will have a clear place to land.”

-Brooks Palmer

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