The Balanced Life

“A time for everything: a time to relax and a time to be busy, a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish.”

– Jonathan Lockwood Huie, “The Philosopher Of Happiness”

This past weekend I celebrated my 31st Birthday. Friday, I went to Top Golf with my family and best friend family and then Saturday I spent the day with my husband. It’s good to work out and eat healthy but there are days that call for you to let your hair down and get out, eat food without thinking about the calories, enjoy your friends, and your family. We are constantly so busy trying to achieve our goals and work on self-development, but you also need to relax. Life is about balance and what I mean when I say balance is that you must make time for work and play. You need both. Our body is constantly working on the goals that we want to accomplish but it also needs to reflect and relax a little bit. That’s why I think being around people you love and enjoy can be beneficial for your life. Maslow Hierarchy of needs motivational psychological theory states that humans have five types of needs. The needs are listed in tiers starting with one the most important; physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs these are the need that make up the Maslow Hierarchy Pyramid.

Physiological needs are the needs we need to survive such as food, water, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, and sleep. Maslow consider these needs the most important and all the other needs are secondary. Safety needs are the feelings of safety and security such as law, stability, freedom, and so forth. People want to have a feeling of security wherever they are. Love and belongingness are the feelings of belonging and having loving relationships such as friends, family, or a spouse. Humans need love and the feeling that they are a part of a friendship. Life is better together but make sure you are careful about wanting to belong and be loved when dealing with this need because not everyone and everything is good for you. The fourth tier is esteem, this includes two part including self-esteem and respects or reputation. Esteem helps you with achievements, dignity, and independence and humans want to feel respected so the part two of this tier deals with status and reputation. Lastly self-actualization this is when you are striving to achieve your desires, you notice your potential, and now you are seeking personal growth and peak experiences. This is balance.

When you focus on these areas of your life you will understand why balance is important. We must take care of our needs to have a fulfilled life. When I spend time with my husband, friends, and family, I am working on my love and belongingness need. During my time in Asheville, NC I did not worry about what I was not getting due to me being away from home. I enjoyed the moment. Sometimes when we are having fun, we are still thinking about our to do list, forget about all that stuff, and focus on the moment.

While in Asheville I also visited a nice tea shop called High Climate Tea and I learned about tea and the many benefits it offered. This place sells loose leaf tea and they make fresh mochi daily. I fell in love with that shop. I thought if only I could take that shop and move it back home, but I had to quickly stop daydreaming. From my previous blog post your probably know now that I’m into holistic care. I bought three types of teas one was a probiotic tea, and then I pick two types of teas, a green tea, and a herbal tea each have different benefits to the body. Teas are good for you because they have antioxidants which helps our body fight free radicals that causes cancer and other diseases. Antioxidants inhibits oxidation which is the chemical reaction that causes free radicals which can cause damage to the cells of organisms, which is why we should drink and eat foods that have high levels of antioxidants in them.

I bought the probiotic tea because it’s good for your gut health. When our gut is healthy, we’re healthy, probiotics keep our digestive system balanced, when it’s not balanced you can experience digestive issues so make sure when you are taking care of yourself you include natural probiotics to help you stay balanced.

While I was there, I also visited a brewery and a pub by Wicked Weeds, and we ate their food and I did not care about the calories. I ordered what I wanted, I ate a lot of birthday cake this weekend, but I deserved every bit of it. I used to feel bad for eating like crap, but I take good care of my body so occasionally, it’s okay to reward myself. I don’t go overboard because I can’t eat excessive sweet stuff because I’ll feel like crap afterwards, but I ate bad in moderation. When your body eats healthy 80% of the time sometimes you might notice you will crave those good things over the bad. I know this personally because I crave fruits, vegetables, and healthy desserts. If only there were a fast food healthy place but unfortunately there isn’t one yet.

Taking a break will not interfere with you achieving your goals, never feel bad for taking a break. Our body needs balance and to achieve balance in your life you must make time for work and play. Also eat healthy 80% of the time then the 20% can be used for the times when you have cheat meals, holiday meals, and Birthdays celebrations. Enjoy your friends, family, and life because truly that’s all that matters.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

– Dolly Parton

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