Moving Forward

It is so much easier to stay stuck in the past. We love it there. We say we don’t, but we always rehash the past or the things we used to do. Sometimes we talk about how we used to play sports or used to be in shape or whatever we used to do or have. Remember as a child and teenager we had a made, no bills, or bosses and responsibility. We’re grown now, life was so much easier as a child but now reality has happened. It’s easier to say we used to have something versus accepting the fact that it is gone. We reminisce on the good and the bad experiences and yes, it’s good to chuckle or laugh and talk about the old times with a friend or love one but don’t stay stuck there.

It was easy for me to let go of the good times from my past, but I struggled with the bad times. Forgiveness was hard for me. I believe that people should treat people like they want to be treated and if they hurt someone then they should apologize. The bad times I experienced used to make me angry. When I rehashed the past, it opened old wounds, and my body would go through emotions as if I was still there. Therefore, it’s important to release everything from the past. We are not time travelers. We are in the present heading towards our future. So, accept what was and move toward what is and what will be.

Life is crazy and sometimes we go through things that makes us laugh and sometimes cry. Yes, our past shaped and molded us into the person we are today but don’t be a slave to the past. When we hold on to our past, we are welcoming more bondage in our life. We already have enough on our plates just doing life daily so why add more baggage. Let your past be your strength. Let everything you been through empower you to want more. More for yourself. You are worthy of a better future and it is a brighter one. So what people let you down and hurt you, we can’t change this, but we can change how we heal from the things we experience. It’s time to let your body heal from the past so you can welcome your life that you are experiencing now.

Starting today, let go of the luggage you been carrying for so long and start loving you. Start eating better. Start exercising. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Love yourself more. Start doing the things you love. Spend time with yourself. Take care of yourself and stop blaming yourself for any hurt you have experienced in life.

So, remember today If you want to move forward in life you must let go of the past. Look back at the past and let it know it no longer has control over you. Then lift your head high so you can walk towards your future. Though we can’t change the beginning of our story, we do have the power to change the ending. This time make it a good one.

“Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

My self-care workshop is this weekend. Check the events page to see the time and location. I hope to see you there.

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