The Mistake Free Life

Stop! You’re making a huge mistake. Don’t do that you’ll get hurt. Don’t touch that it can hurt you. These are things we often tell children or even a love one that is about to make a choice that may not seem like a good choice. Imagine if we never made any of the mistakes we made in life. What would our life be like? Totally different. We will never know. Though I made some choices I am not proud of I think my life turned out okay. Why? I think mistakes or wrong choices are good. These are what build us up and shape us to make better future decisions.

Of course in life you need warning signs or red flags like the ones you see on the road alerting drivers to go a certain speed limit. Though we have speed limits there are still rule breakers. I think people like breaking rules. Especially toddlers, they are not cautious like adults because they are inexperienced. They don't know better they are curious about everything. Adults get older and forget that curiosity is good. We become super cautious of the wrong things and still end of making bad choices. We make one mistake and we focus on not making that one mistake that we end of making more. When we

change our focus to figuring out what wean learn from it then we have less of a chance of repeating it again.

I was talking to a colleague of mine and he was telling me how his grandmother let him touch a hot piece of coal off the grill. He was five when it happened. He remembers asking her if he can have one. He thought it was pretty because it was bright and red, but he didn’t know it was hot. She told him yes and when he picked it up that’s when he discovered it was hot. It burned his hand, but he never touched hot coal again. He thought his grandmother should have stopped him, but I told him she was trying to teach him a lesson. See that’s what mistakes are meant for, to teach us lessons. Sometimes we make the same one over and over but it’s okay.

We often wonder why people we love don’t stop us from making wrong choices but it’s good to learn from what you experience. Humans learn by what they see and experience, there are also other ways to learn but most of our learning comes from just doing life daily. We don’t know what we are going to learn but when conflict happens that’s when you are faced with what you should do. Just make a choice because there is no wrong or right way to do life. You just figure out what works for you. Then when you figure it out something else will happen and then you must figure it all out again. There are times in life when you feel like you are at the peak of your success and then there are times when you feel stuck. Then there are times when you are in the middle. We will experience this throughout life but if you’re not paying attention to the lessons you learned in life then you’ll stay stuck.

When I look back in every choice I made I know that it was meant to happen. Now in the moment it was not beautiful but when I made it through, I realized the lesson. Every choice comes with a consequence. That’s really what it balls down to. When you make a choice, it can lead into two different outcomes. For example, if you speed and get pulled over by the police you will receive a ticket. If you speed and don’t get caught, then you successfully dodge police while speeding.

We just must learn to be mindful about our choices. Learn to think through them. Don’t decide without thinking through it but also don’t spend too much time on the decision or you will end up not doing it. Which leads to regrets another bad habit to have. Also, whatever decision you make remember to tell yourself it’s okay if it doesn’t turn out like you expect it to. Be confident in your decisions but don’t be discouraged if your decision leads you further away from your goals. If it leads you farther away from your goals just cross that decision off the list and look for more solutions. It’s trial and error until you figure out what works.

So, remember today in life you’re going to make mistakes but what you learn from those mistakes is what truly matters. Life is cause and effect. Each choice you make ends in a result. If you’re not happy with it don’t beat yourself up just take that lesson and apply it to the next choice. You are not your mistakes, we all make mistakes, and will continue to, just don’t let the mistakes hold you back from doing what you were destined to do. Keep your head up you got this.

"We all make them, the difference is what we do after we make the mistake, how we see the mistake - a learning experience or a failure." Catherine Pulsifer

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