The Rejection Letter

I’m sorry to inform you but we decided to go with someone else. Right now, we are looking for someone that has experience.

I’m sorry but I don’t think we can continue our relationship. It’s not you its me.

Ugh Rejection! Have you ever got a rejection letter after putting in an application for a job? Or maybe you been rejection by a love one. Rejections happen all the time in life. They come in many forms. Rejections are hard, especially when you want something you can’t have. In life we are going to receive multiple rejections, but it’s what we do with those rejections afterwards is what counts. I have received multiple no’s versus yeses. When I received the no’s, I did my usual cry and blame myself because ultimately that’s what we think. We think that maybe it is something wrong with us and not the other person. So, we work on ourselves constantly, hoping that one day we will be enough.

Maybe this time I will be picked for the job, maybe this time this person will be the right one. Then it happens again and again until you reach the point of not wanting to try again. At that moment when we feel like this, we start questioning everything that we hope for. Will I always be single? Will I ever get a promotion or a job? Will my life always be like this? The sad thing is you won’t know what your life will be like. The only advantage we have in life is knowing our past, that’s it. We cannot determine the future because things in life happen to us whether we want it to or not. It would be nice to say hey life I don’t want to get a divorce. I don’t want to lose my job. I don’t want to get rejected by someone I love. I don’t want to get passed over by position after position. Instead life says I’m going to take you through something to see how strong you will be. To see do you really want that goal, or when you get it will you get lazy?

Every rejection I received in life was always replaced with something better. For example, when I was dating, I just wanted to just have one person to call my own, but I had to date a few men before I found the right one. First, let me just say this, dating is horrible. You think you found the one and then you realize you’re not compatible. So, if you are struggling to find the right person realize that it can be a long process. Looking back at my previous relationships I am glad they did not work. In the moments when I was in those relationships, I thought I was going to be with that person forever, but life had a weird way of letting me know. I didn’t get any warnings, it just happened. I been dumped. I have dumped people. I had my heart broken and I probably broke some hearts. In those moments when that happened to me or the other person that was a feeling of rejection, but it made me stronger. I made better decisions when it came to dating. I didn’t get upset when something didn’t work out because I knew that something better was coming. I just kept on until I met my husband. I just got comfortable with being okay with being alone because if I focused on finding my mate, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the journey of singleness.

Rejections in your career is another horrible feeling. Imagine working for a company for years and trying to get a position that you qualify for handed to someone else. I was working for a company for a few years, during my employment a manager left to take a position with another company which left an open manager position. I got excited because I was already performing managerial duties without the pay. They decided to outsource the position and guess who had to train the person? Me! I had to train the person on a job that I wanted. I was so upset, and I felt like it was a slap in the face. I started questioning myself wondering if it was because I was young? I thought I was mature but maybe they thought I wasn’t. I was under 21 at the time so I assume they wanted someone older. Why couldn’t I be older? The person was an older male probably in his 50s, he struggled with the computer, and he was not catching on easily. I finally separated my emotions and trained him, and we became a good team. Though I was upset about this rejection, it happen to be something better for me at another location. I finally got the position at a location I used to volunteer at with more pay. Yes! So, like I said life has a weird way of showing us what we really need.

So, remember today, rejection is hard, but it is not the end. What is meant for you will come, and when you’re in that moment I know it is difficult but have your moment and cry if you need to. Then pick yourself up and try, try, try, again. Life happens to us not for us and sometimes the things we go through sucks. Just like any storm the sun will always shine again.

If you are struggling with rejections in life, I offer a coaching service. Go to my service page and let me know how I can be assistance. Rejection is hard but crying it out is good for your soul. I used to believe it was a sign of weakness to cry but it truly is a sign of strength. Tune in next week as I share on my blog the benefits of crying.

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

-Og Mandino

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