Broken Promises

Do you ever do things that you told yourself you would never do again? This is called a broken promise. In life we break promises to ourselves and to others. Every time we break a promise to ourselves it lowers our confidence. Part of loving yourself is keeping your word to yourself. If you say something, then keep your word. It’s easier said than done but I noticed when I didn’t keep my word, I was the one disappointed. It’s easy to be there for others and not let them down but how many times have we let ourselves down. We let ourselves down multiple times and then we go through the feeling of regret and anger and the list of emotions goes on. Habits we say we’ll give up. Toxic relationships we say we’ll leave. You tell yourself maybe one day you’ll be confident enough to say no to the habits that serve you no purpose. This is all a part of change. When you don’t like how your life is going you must see what you are doing wrong then figure out how to fix it. Change is not easy but you’re worth it, you just must convince your body you are. It’s easy to pick up bad habits but the good habits take some time.

So how do you stop breaking promises to yourself. First you start loving yourself. When you love yourself, you will not allow anything to go against the standards you have set up for yourself. If you don’t have standards in mind, then figure out what your standards are and write them down. Your standards for how you’ll be treated, relationships, health, career, etcetera. You must develop a standard because this will be the benchmark for your life. Second think before you act. When you a faced with any situation in life always think before you act, this includes how you respond. Once you start thinking before you act then you’re able to make decisions that line up with your standards. Lastly make a commitment to stop letting yourself down, keep your word, and stick to it no matter how hard it may be. This is the only way you will be able to build confidence within yourself. If yourself can’t trust you to keep your word, then how are you able to have confidence in any decision you make in life. So, try every day to keep your word with yourself and you will be able to accomplish anything.

So, remember today it’s important to have keep your word to others but also with yourself. Whatever you say make sure you keep your word no matter what.

“Every day make a tiny agreement with yourself and follow through with it. You’ll start to see yourself as a person who honors their word, even when no one is watching. And that what’s creates true self confidences.”-Sam Brown

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