I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving, this year has few by. Each year around this time most people are getting in the spirit of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated by a vast majority of people around the world, spreading love and thankfulness. Every year I always try to share what I am thankful for. Though each day is blessing to me I think sometimes we don’t take time out of our busy schedules to acknowledge it. Thankfulness is a feeling of relief or pleasure. It’s the feeling that even though I might not have everything I want I still have something to smile about.

Of course, if we compare our circumstances to others, we’ll either be on top of the totem pole or below, depending on how we look at life. Everything is perspective and we do have the power to shape and mold our brains to view life differently. Like the glass half full and half empty expression, it’s how we choose to view our situations. We can choose to view it as half full (pessimism) or half empty (optimism). We all have people in our lives that are pessimist and optimist. The person that always think something can go wrong is the pessimist. The person who can smile through the rain is the optimist. I’m not saying not to break down, I’m just saying the attitude about what we go through is very important.

When I think about being thankful, I think of all the things I have in my life. My children, husband, family, job, house, car, etcetera. If I didn’t have much, I would be happy because I have amazing people in my life. I’m not big on gifts. I like nice things, but I like quality time with my love ones over anything else. I rather go to the park with my children than splurge at the mall. Time is the most precious things and I am thankful for it the most. I am thankful that God allowed me to be here with my children, husband, family, and friends another day to make memories that they can share with others. So, as I think about thanksgiving this is what I am reminded of. I practice thanksgiving every day and when I forget I quickly stop what I am doing and thank God for another day.

This month I want to challenge you to practice thankfulness daily. Find one thing each day to be thankful for. Write it down in a notebook. Make it your thankful journal. Every time you feel like life is pulling you down pull that thankful journal out as a reminder to keep going.

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." -Oprah Winfrey

Happy Thanksgiving XOXO An Inspiring Woman

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