How to Stay Productive and Organized?

Productivity and organization are key in life. It’s like some days I have productivity down to a science, but organization is out of whack. There are other days when I focus on organizing and then my productivity for the day goes down. I go through this constant pull and push between productivity and organization. I cannot count how many times I have organized my desk, closets, and various things around my house. I believe everything has a place but somehow it keeps ending up in the wrong places.

On the days I’m focusing on being organized I forget to make time for my blog, podcast, and various things I do for Inspiring Woman. It’s a struggle. So, I decided to do research on how to balance them both. First let me just say organizing is being productive, I had to accept this for myself. When I have my calendar up to date, I am more likely to remember my tasks for the day which helps me with productivity. Basically, they go hand in hand. You can’t omit one or the other. They work well together. It takes time figuring out how to keep the two balanced.

I do believe in making mental notes on pieces of paper and creating to do lists but what if you lose it with the pile of junk you have in your purse, on your desk, or in your car yikes? See what I mean? That is the struggle I kept facing. I would create all these sticky notes and use my journal to make mental notes that find while tidying up the house. I hate using electronics for everything, but I realized it was my best asset. When I start my day, I write down everything I must do, I still write things down on a sticky note and attach it to my phone, but I also have it in my phone as a reminder. I set an alert to let me know that it needs to be completed and I’m less likely to forget it. I have been so unorganized lately and I don’t know how it happened but when you’re a busy bee like me it will happen if you’re not careful. So, I had to evaluate things, and this was one of the solutions, but it didn’t stop there with the to do list. I was listening to Tony Robbins on a podcast and he explains why this method does not work. He believes that the to do list just keeps us busy but doesn’t mean we are getting anything accomplished.

After listening to that I was back at the drawing board, but he did have some truth to what he said. I would complete everything on my list, but I still felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything. His method that he teaches in his coaching business is called the RPM it focuses on the results rather the tasks. The RPM program is broken up into three components, the focus and clarity, purpose, and massive action plan. These three together will help you achieve the things you set out to do. The new to do list. In the focus and clarity part you think about what you really want to achieve then your brain will have a clear understanding of what you want. Next what’s the purpose of the item on the list? For example, instead of just writing down buy bread from the grocery. Think about what will be achieved by buying the bread from the store. The bread is used to make sandwiches for the children’s lunches. Whatever the task is, figure out the purpose. If it doesn’t have a purpose, then it isn’t priority over the other things you need to accomplish for the day. Lastly, he says have a massive action plan on how you will achieve it. Back to the bread example, you will achieve it by driving to the grocery store and purchasing it. This is a simple example but hopefully you gained some clarity.

So today I encourage you to ditch the old to do list and follow this new to do list so you can welcome organization and balance in your life. If you will like more information on this program Google Tony Robbins RPM program, he has information about the program on his website, and you can purchase the program. I think it is a great way of doing the two do list and this is something I will now incorporate in my life. You can be productive and organized you just must implement a system that works for you so that your life will stay balanced.

“The biggest problem with to-do lists is that focusing only on what you need to get done does not guarantee that you’re actually making any real progress. ”-Tony Robbins

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