Gifts of Life: Christmas Edition

The year is wrapping up. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. This year has been super busy, I have accomplished a lot this year. Though I still want to accomplish more I am ready for what 2020 has in store for me. This year my focus was family and a lot of other things but mainly family. As I gotten older, I’m starting to realize more and more that life is short. One day you’re a child playing with your toys and the next day you’re an adult.

This past weekend I hosted a Christmas Party at my house. I invited my family and my best friend who is literally like a sister to me. Though my house was full of noise, children running around, chaos, I enjoyed the craziness. We did a craft, Christmas trivia, ate, and watched a movie. My house was a complete mess when everyone left but it was expected when you have 21 children in your house at one time, and that’s without counting the adults

This year for Christmas we went minimalistic. Our children are used to a extravagant Christmas but I’m realize that there are gifts in life that are more valuable than material things. Having my family over was the greatest gift I could ask for. This year I couldn’t think of gifts I wanted, I have more than enough. When I thought about the gifts I wanted they were things that money can’t buy like time to do the things I enjoy, time to spend with love ones, time with good friends, and to quit my full-time job to just work on aninspiringwoman mission. When I thought about gifts it was gifts to give to the world or my family because I feel like I have enough. Time is the only thing I need.

The greatest gifts in life are spent enjoying time with yourself, love ones, good friends, and wonderful colleagues. These are the gifts I will take over anything. Being able to have that one on one time with my child, mom, friend, husband, sister, brother, nieces, nephews, in laws, colleagues. This is the only time of the year that I get weeks where I can do that. Though I may want to leave my full-time job it has afforded me the ability to do things like this around Christmas. Unless you’re working for yourself, there isn’t a job that gives you more two weeks off for Christmas and so I am thankful for the time they allowed me to have off to spend with people I love. Every circumstance in life I always look to find positivity out of it.

So, when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him it didn’t matter because I already have the gifts I needed. I have an amazing husband who loves and cherish me. I have awesome children that adore me as a mother. I have a great family that is loving and supportive. I have wonderful friends who love me for me. I have exceptional colleagues at my place of employment. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in a dream because not many people are able to say these things. I am appreciative of everything and everyone in my life. As Christmas draws near don’t just think about the material things that you are thankful for think of the presents in life that you already been blessed with. These are worth more than what money can buy.

Merry Christmas

“You’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy.”-unknown

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