We live in a world where we’re constantly connected. Cell phones, social media, television, various applications, following the lives of the famous and the not so famous. I can recall when we were not always connected and writing letters to long distance love ones was still a thing. Not everyone had house phones when I grew up and if you did you rarely used it. Reality shows were not popular, and no one was aspiring to be perfect. Then as the years went by technology started to advance and boom, now we’re all connected. It’s kind of hard to hide from technology in this generation, it’s everywhere. People rather be in their phones documenting every moment of their life. Missing a phone call, text, or alert isn’t normal because now you have your cell phone clipped to your hip. The excuse to not be available anymore does not exist.

I love technology and the beauty of it but sometimes it does more damaged then good. When people communication is through text and birthday celebrations are made through social media this becomes a problem. Socializing is awkward in person because people are only powerful behind their devices. When I’m out running errands or with my love ones, I like to notice my environment, I see so many people missing out on the scenery or connecting because their head is stuck in their phones. There is even a phobia for not having access to a mobile phone it’s called Nomophobia. Nomophobia is a psychological condition and individual who suffer from it experience anxiety due to fear of not having access to a cell phone. The anxiety is due to several factors, such as the loss of a cell phone, loss of reception, and a dead cell phone battery. Wow ridiculous right.

Being available all the time is not healthy. Imagine what you could accomplish if you stepped away from technology and started looking inside, connecting with yourself? There are so many people loss and suffering because they are trying to live like the façade social media has painted for them. It’s time to stop being so available to the world. I realized last year I poured my heart into people who were only available when they needed me. Sometimes we get trick into believing that people are there for us but when you look back at the situation and analyze it you realize that it was you that were there for them. We share our life, document, strive to be something that we are not but in the end we suffer. When you are trying to grow a business, social media is excellent but when it becomes a psychological disorder where you cannot function without it then that’s when it becomes a problem. We must stop trying to please everyone to get likes or hearts or a reaction. It’s like the child that wants attention they’ll do anything if someone is paying attention. Start being yourself and stop allowing others that are not there for you and start being your genuine self. 2020 is the year of renewal it’s time to starts enjoying the beauty around you and realizing that not everyone has to know about every moment.

So, remember today stop being available. If you need a break from the world take a break. Start loving yourself, get your life on track, and stop trying to be someone else. Technology is great but don’t let it ruin who you truly are. Enjoy life, take trips, and connect with people in person not just through the internet. We must stop feeling obligated to share every moment of our life with the world. It’s okay to sometimes be unavailable.

“Being available for a friend or being willing to pitch in is a truly admirable quality. But constantly living your life that way comes with a cost. You can never be everything to everyone, so people are invariably left disappointed. And things you would have liked to have accomplished or even those things you promised other people you would do well, they never get done.”


Today is the day you decide to get your life back !

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