This past weekend was Valentine Day. I really enjoyed giving gifts to my love ones. I enjoy giving gifts more than I enjoy receiving them. When I’m shopping for gifts, I put so much thought and effort in what the person likes. I want to make sure that they know that I took time out not just to buy a gift. I thought it through to ensure that their faces will have a smile on it.

Valentine Day is symbolized as a day of love or at least that’s how we celebrate it now. Some people criticize Valentine Day on social media because they believe people should show love to their love ones every day. They don’t think you should wait till Valentine Day to buy gifts, cards, and go on dates to show that special someone you love them. I agree and disagree. I agree with this because I think when you love someone it’s an everyday thing. You don’t save all your feelings until Valentine. You don’t wait to buy just because I love you flowers. Love is a constant commitment to each other daily and I don’t believe people should wait until Valentine to show it.

My only disagreement with this comment is I understand people get busy. Sometimes couples who have been married so long often let time go by and forget that they must keep that spark. The connection that got them together in the first place. So, if Valentine Day can come around to ignite the flame back into the relationship then I think it’s good. People often need to be reminded things. We all are human and sometimes our own struggles tend to interfere with our relationships hence why some people forget. We’re human and sometimes I must remind myself that I can’t be hard on others because I forget things and I make mistakes.

I also noticed sad Valentine Day posts on social media. Single people longing for a mate or someone to call their own. Before I met my husband, I spent Valentine with myself. I pampered myself, put on pretty clothes, got my hair styled. I enjoyed spoiling myself. I spent so much time with myself because I needed that time to teach myself what I needed from someone else. So, if you are single, it’s okay. I promise you will find someone that will make you question why did it take so long? You will have that fairy-tale wedding and have children if you like. If you’re looking for love, I want you to take a break, and put all that energy into you and yourself only.

Valentine Day is a love day it’s time to start showing yourself love. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and start appreciating the people in your life that love you now. You will have a special someone one day but until, enjoy yourself.

Happy Valentine ❤️

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