Finding Time

Finding time is something that I try to figure out daily. People ask me all the time how do you make time to work out? I sometimes don’t realize how I make time for things. I pretty much just do it. I create a list and do it. I don’t think about the time it takes. I think about the task. When I know I need to complete something I set it as priority.

Finding time to do things really starts with the importance of the task. There are areas in my life that I struggle to find time to complete it and then there are areas that comes naturally. Like exercising, cooking, and preparing meals for the family. These are important to me so it’s easy for me to make time for it. Organizing the house closets, my picture albums, and throwing out things I don’t need is a low priority to me, so I often take my time doing these tasks.

We all have things that is priority over another task and even though our health may seem like a major priority it isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying people don’t care about their health but finding time to exercise, eat healthier, and plan out meals can be a difficult task and most people rather not fool with it. It does involve a lot of planning living a healthy active lifestyle because most people already have enough task to complete daily. When we continue to add tasks to our list something is liable to be overlooked.

Finding time to live a healthy lifestyle starts with making time for it. Start small because small steps lead to big victories. When someone is trying to accomplish a task rather it’s exercising or making time for a hobby, I always ask them to evaluate their time. Look at your work schedule or if you don’t work what are you doing on each day of the week? Does your schedule change? Or is it consistent? Write down your schedule so you can see the time that you have available. Maybe you might have to go to sleep earlier do you can wake up earlier. Maybe you might have to stop hanging out so much so that you can focus on the goals you want to complete.

Start devoting 30 minutes each day to yourself. Rather it’s working out or working on your goal. This is a start. Then add on more time later. Plan your days in advance. Invest in a calendar and write things down and stick to it. I like to make my to do list a day in advance. When you make your to do list write down the most important stuff first and the least important last so if you don’t get everything finished at least you finished the most important stuff.

We all have time to do the things we want it’s the least important things we like to avoid. If you want change in an area of your life it starts will creating time to do the things you need to do to receive the results you want to see.

“How you spend your time could be the difference between dreaming about the life you want and actually getting it. Big or small, you should push yourself to do the things that bring you one step closer to greatness—even when you don’t feel like doing anything at all.”

-Lydia Sweatt

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