Social Distancing

The coronavirus is talked about everywhere, from social media, news, friends, family, and the list goes on. There’s been memes created and funny GIFs, but truth is it is real. Multiple countries have been effected by this virus but nothing has truly came to light to what actually started the whole pandemic. What I know is that rather you think it’s real or not that truly becomes your reality. I live in South Carolina and though there hasn’t been as many cases here compared to other states, we have been affected by it. Places have started shorting their hours of operation, aisle are missing food items and basic necessities. People are in panic mode.

It’s natural to panic especially if you don’t know the outcome of a situation but rather you choose to panic or not it does not change what is happening. We are experiencing something that is disheartening and quite frankly I hope it clears up soon. They are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing and encouraging vigorous hygiene practices to eliminate the virus from spreading rapidly. Schools are closed and most businesses have closed except grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, and restaurants.

Since school closed last week, I have been homeschooling my children and still working my full-time job and operating my home businesses. I have been a very busy lady, so I do apologize for not blogging last week. This mom was tired. I just wanted one day that I could sleep in and yes it happens to be Monday. What I have learned during this time is that you can’t always plan for everything. I did not plan to balance teaching my children and working. My first week was an epic failure. I was so unorganized with the schooling but after that trial run, I am ready to give this week another try. Sunday, I sat down with all three of my children and I made a school schedule for each one of them including time for them to relax. Home is where you go to rest and I know it’s hard for them because now they have to do school work so I made sure I put time in their schedule to relax and debunk then start back on the next assignment. They really enjoyed this schedule so we will try to see how it will work.

The coronavirus has affected us all but while you’re going through this take this time to think about what matters to you. This social distancing is good sometimes because we must make time to think about our next steps. Get quiet, breathe, and let your brain relax so that you can focus on what you really need in your life. What are your next steps? What is your purpose? How are you going to get there? See when we are always around the noise our brain can’t focus on its purpose. Take this time as a blessing, yes you may be missing out on some money, fun, and social life but that will all came back sooner than you know. Evaluate your life including your finances, relationships, career, family, health, and anything else you can think of. Be honest with yourself so that if you are face with this again, you’ll know how to tackle it. Stop saying next time and decide that the time is now. This pandemic is your opportunity to take your life to where it needs to be. Enjoy this social distancing time and make the most of this. Each day you’re alive is motivation to why you’re still here don’t give up.

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