Count Your Blessings

This past weekend was Mother’s Day and I am blessed to say I have three amazing mother figures in my life. My mom, my aunt, and my mother in law. Yes, some may think it’s weird that I consider my aunt my mom, but we have such an amazing relationship that she feels like my other mom. Mother's Day weekend was wonderful and though I was busy meal prepping and couldn't enjoy the full day, I still appreciate the time that I had visiting my mom and enjoying my children and husband. I am a mom that don't ask for much because I have everything I need, but I appreciate the gifts and love I receive on special occasions. My husband and children spent so much money on me this year but out of all the gift I received my favorite was my cards

My children and husband really put some thought into the words they wrote on my card. I was so emotional reading all the lovely notes that I didn't realize all the gifts they got me. I like material things that the world has to offer but nothing can replace the love my family gives me. Each day I wake I know that I have three children that are looking at me for support, friendship, and care. They don’t see me for my flaws, they choose only to see me, their mother. I used to wonder if I was doing everything right, but the truth is you will never know. Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t just give 100% in everything you do and you can never go wrong.

My three mom figures are the same as I am, they love without expecting anything in return. My mom, aunt, and mother in law are amazing women and though they may not be rich in materialistic things, they are rich in love from everyone around them. When you spread love, have a good heart, and practice gratitude, you will always be rich in love. When people think about their blessings, they often don’t think about the small things that they already have, these three women are a blessing to me. I love making money and being able to pay for my bills, family trips, and buy gifts but without people in your life that love you, life feels empty.

This coronavirus has tested some relationships, caused a lot of heartache for some, and affected people jobs, and financial stability but if you can learn to look at the things around you that you still have, this is what makes you blessed. Money comes and goes, we all have ups and downs, but real blessings are not materialist items. Real blessings are experiences with the people you love to be around. Real blessings are having someone to call when you're upset. Real blessings are the things that are left after the world tries to destroy you. When I went through some difficult times in life it open up my eyes to see beyond material things of the world because if you are broken it doesn't matter how many things you buy you will still be empty inside.

So today I want to encourage you to look outside of what you are going through and dig down deep inside and think of the blessings that you still have. We must change our focus and not allow our situations to continue to be the driver in our life. It’s time to let it sit in the passenger side. I’m not saying don’t acknowledge what you are going through, but don’t allow it to blind you from seeing every blessing you have in front of you that.

“When you practice counting your blessings, you will be amazed how many there are. As you are riding on the bus, or walking through the zoo, or shopping for groceries, there are countless blessings that are in full view for you to recognize and acknowledge.” Catherine Pulsifer, Too Blessed to Be Stressed

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