How to Change?

Have you heard the saying money doesn’t grow on trees? Or maybe you heard if you don’t work you don’t eat. Or perhaps you heard hard work pays off. I heard all these sayings and more but when I first heard these saying I didn’t realize their meaning.

Life is about how you choose to allow your circumstances to be. We can’t change everyone around us, but we do have full control over ourselves. If you been complaining about your situation but have not made any changes within yourself how do you expect it to change?

I recently was looking on social media and I noticed so many people were complaining about how they need to find a new circle of friends. More complaints included that they needed a better environment to be around, support system perhaps but none of it mentioned that they needed to change themselves. See we can’t change who is around us or the environment that we were raised in but when we can change ourselves everything around us change. We stop looking for excuses to why everything in our life isn’t going like it should because our focus will be an inward approach. In life there are times when we can’t change who is around us, but we must decide that what around us don’t validate who we are.

How to Change?

Be honest with yourself about what you need to work on. What is it that you honestly think is keeping you from achieving the goals you want in life? Once you figure out this write it down. Sometimes bad habits hinder us from forming new habits.

Stop bashing the people around you for not wanting to change. Sometimes when we want to change, we automatically expect everyone and everything around us to also change. People have to live their lives based on what they think is important for them at the moment so though we may think others need to change unless they agree then it won’t happen no matter how much we try to explain to them or show them. People who want to change will change without resistance.

Develop a positive mindset. When you are trying to achieve anything, it starts with having a good mindset. Don’t give up easily and take every challenge as a lesson. Having a good mindset will help you stay strong when all odds are against you.

Practice Gratitude and Humility daily. Having a grateful and humble approach to life goes a long way. These two things will allow you to be open to opinions from others so that you can improve and be all that you were made to be.

Accept yourself at every stage in your life. When we want more for ourselves, we often forget about the person that we are now. The person who has got us through everything even if mistakes were made alone the way. Who we are is a combination of everything we been through and though it’s hard to accept some parts of our lives you must accept yourself in every chapter of your life? This is part of self-love and in order for you to want more you have to believe you are worthy of more and loving yourself completely is what you need as reassurance that you are deserving of a better life and future.

So, as you go about your day learn to focus on yourself. If you want more, you must learn to focus on improving yourself everyday so that you can accomplish the things you want in life.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking." ― Albert Einstein

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