Why People Hate Me?

2020 has been a year. There is so much going on in the world that it makes you wonder can it get any worse? From coronavirus to protest from the wrongful death of George Floyd. Negativity in social media with division from both sides. This can take a toll on your mental health.

When you’re trying to be healthier most people don’t think about their mental health. We tend to focus on proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, but a healthy life doesn’t stop here. Lifting weights in the gym, running, or walking daily can be beneficial to the body but you also must take care of your mental health.

I’m a hypersensitive person the coronavirus and the events surrounding George Floyd really affected me. I almost crawled back into my little bubble, hiding, hoping that I would wake up from this dream. Everywhere I go I see people in gloves, wearing mask, sanitizing shopping carts, black lives matter signs, protest on the streets, disputes on the internet, negative talk about black people being racist for saying black lives matter. So much is going on and it seems like no one is listening to each other. No wonder so many people are suffering from mental health issues because we live in a world that people tend to be one sided. No one wants to listen. They just want to speak.

I am devastated by what happened to George Floyd and I do believe there needs to be a change. We as people are stronger together and the fact that we have racism in our own country makes no sense.

United States prides itself on freedom but are we free. Is freedom only when you’re silent and you fall in line never voicing your opinion? What does freedom really mean? Being free means without restraints, uncaged, exempt, etc. Freedom is being able to express yourself when someone does you wrong. I want change and there will be change we have to keep using our voices for good, spreading love, and being kind to all, and be the change that this world really needs. I often wish I could be as evil as others, but I have a heart and to have a heart full of love for all and a conscience doesn’t allow me to stoop to the level of fools. It’s true what they say, “if you argue with a fool no one would be able to tell the difference.” I’m no fool and I will never allow anyone to get me to their level of ignorance. I choose to respect myself and live a life that is pleasing to me.

I genuinely believe in karma and everyone who has done me wrong never had to worry about me being vengeful, they suffered without me retaliating. I learn that people are going to hate me and there is nothing I can do or say to make them change their minds. I just must learn to surround myself with people who love me for who I am, including my skin tone. People who hate me are only missing out on connecting with someone who is awesome.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why people hated black people I would cry and long to be a different color. I loved my skin and my race, but I hated everything that came with it. People looking at me as if I were a criminal and all I was trying to do was survive like everyone else around me.

I had to learn that people hate me but not everyone in the world hated me. It took time for me to get over this, but I knew I couldn’t live my life fearing what the world thought about me. I knew I was destined for greatness and I wasn’t going to allow my race become my crutch. No one can say they understand what you go through unless they were born like you. People can sympathize but at the end of the day they could never know how it truly feels to be black. I thought I only felt like this but a lot of people I know, and love also felt this way. Why is it that slavery was over years ago and the world still looks as African Americans as if they are horrible beings?

So, remember today people are going to hate you for who you are including your ethnicity but there is nothing you can do or say to make them change their mind. People who think like this is already broken; they are so far gone that even glue couldn’t piece them back together. Their life is unsatisfying, and they lack understanding of love. You can’t have love and hate in your heart you can only have one. I decided to have love, be kind, and pray for people who hate me because my mental health is more important than me trying to figure out why people don’t like me.

PS: Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Mean No One Else Life Doesn’t Matter

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