Your Moment

Working on a goal can be tiring. When I decided that I wanted to start a business I didn’t know how hard it would be. I listen to so many people talk about their success stories and longed to be like them but sometimes the road to the top can be hard. The discouraging part is watching people become a huge success over night that we often overlook the ones that put in hours, days, weeks, months, and years of blood, sweat, and tears. Taking failure after failure and still coming back on top. They are champions. Starting any goal and accomplishing it isn’t easy.

When I see people that are truly doing things that they enjoy I know that it took work. No one just wakes up successful, unless you are born into success, meaning your family was successful and you get to live off the inheritance. Most people stay up late at night. Get up early in the morning and work hard. They balance their day and make time for the goals they are working toward. Sometimes they have to say no to fun because they are working toward a bigger picture. Rather it’s getting up early to exercise, working late on a paper, saving for a house, a sacrifice must be made to accomplish anything in life.

I can recall listening to Gary Vaynerchuk podcast, and he talked about how long it took him to become successful. It took him years, but he never gave up. He made content even when no one was listening and now he is a huge success, but it took him doing the things that was hard even when he wasn’t seeing results. The truth is most people are watching everything we do and it takes that one person to believe in what you doing then after one person starts, another one comes, and another until you now have a huge fan base wanting to try the service or product that you are offering. Maybe you are not wanting to start a business maybe you just want to be healthier, once those pounds start shedding, the same effect happens, and then you’ll find yourself becoming the new you. You’ll look back at all the work you put in and be proud of how well you done.

Things in life take time you just must be willing to wait patient on your moment. When I say this, I think about Meek Mills song “My Moment” yes it may have some explicit words in it but you understand the point. You must keep going until you achieve that thing you are trying to accomplish in life and that my dear is your moment.

So, when people get mad because you’re busy working on you that’s their problem not yours. Don’t be too comfortable with accepting just anything for your life if you want more you must do more. Don’t let temporary pleasures make you lose sight of what you really want to do for yourself. So when you’re not seeing results, feel like giving up, or you’re crying about how hard it is, just wipe your tears, put your head up, and keep fighting for what you want in life.

Hard Work Always Pay off. Don’t give up!

What goals are you wanting to accomplish in life?

Write it down and start working towards it daily.

(Working on a new project video coming soon) Stay tune

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