Why Panicking Doesn’t Create Solutions?

There are so many people panicking right now due to everything going on in the world. When COVID-19 made it to the US, and they started shutting down everything I can’t lie I also panicked. Mainly because this was something new. I haven’t experienced anything this bad and unfortunately, I didn’t know what was going to become of it. Pandemics make people go crazy and sometimes this isn’t the appropriate solution.

I can recall driving in my car grocery shopping because for some reason online grocery service continued to stay booked even when I checked it days in advance. I had just gotten used to my grocery delivery service and now here I was finding myself going to the grocery store again. Grocery delivery service is the best thing I believe has been invented by adults for adults. It makes life easier so you won’t spend your time shopping when you can use that time to enjoy your family. Grocery delivery service made me feel like I had an assistant. If you don’t have it I believe it’s a major investment especially if you’re someone like me who is always busy.

So now that everyone is panicking and there is no grocery pick up or delivery slots, I had to go back to my old routine. When I get to the first grocery store there are several items unavailable. As I look around in the store, I see so much panicking from the customers and looks of fear on their faces. People grocery carts filled with food, paper towels, tissue, water. I started wondering was I buying enough to prepare for this pandemic? I finally finish and check out and head to the next store on my way there I just broke down. I started to feel like the people I was watching in the store and I felt myself about to have an anxiety attack, so I immediately called my mom.

My mom was born in 1954 so she has seen a few things. I explained to her how I was feeling, and she reassured me that I will be okay. She has been through instances like this in life and she told me some wise words. She said only but with you need, don’t worry, and everything will be alright. I immediately felt so much better. My mom has awesome advice it’s so simple but effective. Everything is going to be alright. This is true but we all tend to panic when we don’t have control.

Like anything we have experienced this should pass. Now to fast forward to what’s happening now all round the world, protests from unfortunate situations involving cops and the African American community. Me being a woman of color it really hit home, and it made me start feeling like I was feeling when the pandemic started. I quickly had to remind myself that it will get better and also assured myself of all the good things that are happening in my life.

Panicking doesn’t create solutions! If I allowed myself to shut down and be afraid of everything going on right now I wouldn’t have the energy to help create solutions. When we panic our mind isn’t able to make good decisions. We have poor judgement and we are irrational. It’s okay to have passion about things that are happening, but we have to get smart with how we react to the things that happens to us. Don’t let life situations cause you to shut down.

Now is the time to create solutions and figure out how we can help fight unjust police brutality. It’s time to learn how to navigate through this pandemic. History has experienced pandemics before and the people who survived didn’t operate in fear or panic, they made smart decisions and they created solutions that benefited their community. This past weekend I saw communities coming to together for the greater good. Though this pandemic and protests from unfortunate events have happened I can proudly say I think the world is moving towards something greater. So today I encourage you to be part of the solution. Create organizations, donate to good causes, fight for what’s right in an organized matter, and spread love and not hate. We are stronger together.

“Whatever the Problem Be Part of the Solution.”-Unknown

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