Crockpot Vegan Chili

The weather is cool outside which makes me get excited about crockpot meals like chili, soups, and curries. This past week, I made a one pot vegan chili. My mother brags about my chili. The first time I made it for her, she told all her colleagues at work. When I make the vegan chili recipe, I always have to save her a bowl.

This recipe is child friendly. My daughter asked me, “what are these mommy, pointing to the kidney beans?” I said, “kidney beans.” She say, “can you make me these again tomorrow?” I am always happy when she likes my vegan food because though she isn’t fully vegan, finding recipes she like always makes me happy.

For plating I added my homemade sour cream to the top, and vegan cheese. For bread I made the Bob Mills gluten free cornbread. This can be found at most grocery stores. For the egg used in the corn bread, I substituted two flaxseed eggs, and it turned out amazing. I posted the vegan chili recipe on my TikTok and Facebook reels and within seconds people where commenting on how good it looked. It definitely looks as good as it taste. I was so sad that we didn’t have left overs.

This vegan chili recipe contains simple ingredients. It’s cost effective and a time saver. If you’re busy working during the day, coming home to dinner already made is always satisfying. This vegan crockpot chili contains two of my favorite beans, kidney beans and black beans. Kidney beans and black beans are an excellent source of plant base protein for the body.

Beans are rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, and other unique plant compounds. Beans are versatile, they can be used in meals like tacos, vegan burgers, and even vegan brownies. For this vegan crockpot chili, feel free to substitute the beans with your favorite beans. Play around with the recipe, mix four types of beans or just use one. I decided to use can tomatoes but fresh tomatoes are also great. For the seasoning, it’s a mild flavor, if you like hot, add a jalapeño.

I hope you enjoy this vegan crockpot chili. Let me know how you enjoy this recipe in the comments below.

Crock Pot Vegan chili

6 Servings


1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Salt

28 oz. Can Tomatoes

1/2 Cup Kidney beans, dry

1/2 Cup Black beans, dry

3 Cups water

1/2 c tomato paste

1 Yellow Onion