Eliminating Distractions

When you are embarking on a new journey, goal, or changing your habits, there will always be distractions. Distractions are everywhere, they come in the form of advertisement, people, including our friends and family. A distraction is something that prevents you from focusing on something else. When I started my entrepreneur journey, there were so many distractions that were causing me to lose focus.

I have created so many businesses because I was attracted to the shiny objects. I was more focused on the result of the business but not the process. I was creating businesses and signing up for various direct marketing businesses that were not in alignment with me and what I wanted to do for my life.

Though I was slowly growing my business it was inconsistent because I was inconsistent which was why I wasn’t getting the results I hoped for in my business. It took years for me to realize this and though I had everything else in my life together such as my fitness and self-development but my business something that I was passionate about was being put on the back burner. I finally had to start saying no to things that were not in alignment with my business and the growth of my business.

Ultimately I couldn’t be successful in a business that I was not fully invested in and though I was doing a lot when I was able to make time for it, it was so inconsistent because of all of the things I was marketing on my social pages supporting everyone else had nothing to do with my business and how it will grow.

This year was when I receive that Aha! Moment and I just started putting in work. The pandemic and the things going on in the world made me question what I wanted to do with my future? Was I going to continue to be distracted or was I going to go all in and tackle my goals like I should have been in 2016 when I started my blog?

I had to get real with myself and kick myself into shape so that I could go out and do what I knew I needed to do for my business. I always fuss at my clients for not being consistent with their diets and here I was being a hypocrite. I wasn’t consistent that why I wasn’t getting consistent revenue from my business. My clients were not consistent that why they were not receiving results from their fitness journey.

I was attracting inconsistent clients because I was inconsistent myself as well. That was really when reality set in. How long will I continue to go on this path that doesn’t get me to the end goal? I immediately knew that I had to keep my word and be consistent even when I had zero dollars coming in, even when I had six figure months.

Rather you are successful or not, to keep your results you must maintain consistency. So today as you are reading this ask yourself what is something that you been wanting to accomplish, and you been working on it but haven’t seen results? What are you attracting in your life? Have you been consistent and kept your word? Chances are you haven’t and that’s why you are still struggling with the weight. You are still struggling with debt because you are spending more than you’re bringing in. You’re not gaining sales in your business. You’re probably burnt out and you know how I know because that’s how I was.

I would get these creative spurts and create all this content and get super motivated then I would have days when I wasn’t. You have to do it regardless if you’re motivated or not. I learned that when I say I am going to do something I have to do it immediately or it wouldn’t get done because my mind was condition to put things off.

Learning what causes you to become distracted is also important because you're going to continue to make the same mistakes if you don't know what is causing the mistakes. To me it was just being impatient. I thought I was a patient person, but I try to rush everything but ultimately it’s a process and things take time and if you're not consistent it will take even longer. Since I wasn’t patient, when I didn’t see results, I would give up, and when I saw results, I would go all in. I was self-sabotaging myself. It was ridiculous how I was operating but if I wasn't honest with myself how will I fix it? We must be honest with ourselves and it may hurt but we need it sometimes.

When you are used to not keeping your word your brain remembers this that’s why people keep finding themselves in situations where they are banging their head against the wall wondering where they have been their whole life when they caused the issues to arrive in their life. We create our own chaos, and then we look around to see who we can blame? Rather someone else did create the chaos, what are you going to do now? If you blame someone else we are not giving ourselves power to fix whatever we think was the source of our chaos.

I have always been willing to accept blame in everything I went through, and though it was painful, I accepted it because I knew if I didn’t I stayed stuck. You must forgive yourself from being distracted by the things that cause you to lose focus on where you want your life to be. No matter how old you think you are, you can always start over.

Today I invite you in to do this exercise with me so that you can get focused on where you want to go in life say

“I (insert name here) forgive myself for allowing distractions to take me away from the goals I set for myself. I take full responsibility for my choices and I am ready to focus on my journey so that I can achieve my goal of having a (insert what is your goal). I promise not to give up when it gets hard and I will always remain consistent even when I do not see results.”

Do this exercise every day, when you wake up and when you go to bed, you can even do it in the middle of your day when you feel yourself losing motivation. Set an alarm to remind you to do this task so that you will adapt this as a habit.

From this moment you can change your life and take action towards where you want to be and go in life. Are you ready?

Struggling with life day to day routine and you keep finding yourself stuck, burnt out, and can’t figure out your next steps?

Ladies I want to invite you to sign up for my online Health Coaching program. I help you tackle your fitness goals alone with helping you tackle the blocks that you may be facing that has led you to fall for distractions in your life. With my mindset coaching you will learn ways to stay motivated. How to deal with stress? How to deal with confrontation? How to set goals? And the steps you need to take to achieve them. The program is custom to each client needs. To get started today fill out the Health Coaching Form.

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