How Can We Improve Our Lives Daily?

Self-development is the process “by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed.” ( There are so many books written on this topic, humans quests to become a better version of themselves or perhaps find their purpose alone the way. People change throughout their stages of life, its true no matter how hard we try to stay the same, we either are living our life ten steps forward, or ten steps back. Once you start the journey to change, there is no going back.

To have a fulfill life changing is a part of the process. We cannot keep the same habits and expect a different result, that is a form of sanity. Though it may take time to see drastic changes in our lives we can still make tiny changes each day that will get us one step closer to our goals.

Changing isn’t a bad thing, each day we are making changes in our lives. Think about how we change our style of clothes, our diet, careers, relationships, and so forth. Though these are tiny changes they do not change who we are. Sometimes we make changes in our lives when have outgrown something, maybe we have matured and want more, or feel like the next chapter is calling us. The feeling we get on the inside that nudges us to take the next step. Though some things change in our lives not everything does.

Brushing our teeth and hygiene, our sense of humor, our unique being, the things that make us who we are, these don’t change.

How do you know if you need to change?

  • If you have been feeling displeased with where you that’s an indication that you are not satisfied with the results that your life has manifested.

  • If the career you have only sucks the life out of you instead of bringing you joy.

  • When you are looking around and long to be achieving a goal.

  • When you ask yourself what are you doing with your life?

These are thoughts that came to my mind when I wasn’t happy with where my life was heading. It was the year I turned 30 and that’s when I realized that I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I was successful in my career, happy family life, and lovely house and car but something was missing inside. I wasn’t satisfied with my career, it didn’t give me joy. I felt miserable and the fake laughs and positivity wasn’t working.

In my previous career there was a lot of toxic energy but that wasn’t the only thing that caused me to dislike the place. It was the feeling that I knew how far up I could climb the ladder and the top wasn’t worth it. I had gave the company tens years and it was a strain on me as a mother. If I wanted to go to the next level it would take more time away from my children and that was when I realized it wasn’t the place for me.

I started my self-development journey 10 years ago but two years ago I started working on my next steps to discovering my purpose. I worked daily on improving myself and learning more. I knew if I wanted to be the expert, I had to make some changes in myself. I couldn’t be the same while operating in a new calling.

When focusing on making improvements in our lives we must examine ourselves honestly. Figure out the areas we are weak in or need to improve. Write this down, including what changes do you want to see in your life, be specific, and don’t hold back. Sometimes we second guess the power we must change ourselves.

7 Ways to Improve Daily

  • Read a book for 20 Minutes a day: Choose a book that is Nonfiction and take notes after reading the book this will help improve your memory of what you read.

  • Sign up for conferences, webinars, and join groups that include people that are on the path that you want to welcome into your life. This is a great way to network and meet new people. For example, I am apart of groups that focus on entrepreneurship, parenting, and wellness.

  • Eliminate the time you spend on social media. Though social media is a way to connect with friends and love ones it can be a huge distraction for you if you are trying to improve your life. Spend less than an hour on social media if you are using it for leisure.

  • Eliminate the urge to binge on television, including Netflix and YouTube. These are helpful tools and offer ways to learn but if you are using them for leisure reduce leisure time to one hour a day.

  • Create a morning routine. This routine is important because this is how you set your day up. Write down your routine and get in the habit of waking up at the same time everyday so that your body will get used to this new lifestyle.

  • Listen to at least one Podcast episode that is geared toward the new path you want to start. For example I listen to nutrition experts and psychologist podcast that focus on healing the mind. There are so many podcast out there I promise you will find one you like.

  • Create a list of habits you want to adopt and work on one habit for 30 days and then add another habit before you know it the list will be complete and you’ll be making another list of healthy habits to adopt.

Remember this is not going to happen over night but you can improve your life every day. In an article on, it stated “Zappos wrote urging employees to improve 1% each day to become 37 times better by the end of the year.” Its true since I started my journey in 2010 I can honesty say I have gained so much wisdom and success. I am excited for my next chapter and I know it will be good because I am choosing to write my story every day. Each day you have a blank slate, a chance to improve your life, and a chance to change. Make a point to do something that you never have done, challenge yourself, and never stop.

Let's Talk: Are you ready to make a change and adopt a healthy lifestyle that is focused on taking care of the whole body? The reason why we feel so stuck and can't move forward in our purpose is because we are holding on to the dead weight of our path. Our mindset is the thing that controls how we see life and sometimes it also keeps us stuck in our old ways. I know how this feel because I also felt this way. Are you ready to release what is blocking you? If you are ready to get your life back on track, book a call with me today. Click here to access my calendar. Let us finish strong in 2020. I promise you this is your year.

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