How to be the only vegan at parties?

Being the only vegan at parties and special events like weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, etc. can be challenging. Most people don’t have vegan opens, you may find vegetarian options, but it’s a rarity to find a vegan option at social events. When I’m invited to an event or party, I never assume they will have options for me.

I go to events and parties to celebrate the host and if they have something for me that’s fine but if they do not that is also okay.

Since I been on this diet every person I know that invited me to events has always made sure there was something for me to eat. My family members weddings, holidays, parties, everyone reached out to me and asked me, how can they accommodate my diet?

Though this is wonderful it doesn’t always happen. Being vegan for almost five years there has been several non-vegan events that I have attended with no options.

I always follow these tips below because I go with the expectation of no choices and if there are that’s even better

So, what do you do when you find yourself in situations like this?


-If the party or event is longer than two hours eat a big meal before you go. Something that will hold you off until you get home.

-Bring a snack with you and leave it in your car just in case you get hungry.

-Ask the host about the menu. They may have a fruit or veggies tray that you can snack on while you’re there.

-Drink on water or vegan friendly beverages available if you feel you need to do something while others are eating.

-Find people to talk to at the event to eliminate your mind from thinking about eating.

-Research places near by that you can stop by after the event.

-Lastly ask the host can you bring your own food and most people will be okay with it.

This past weekend my cousin married her true love and she personally called me the day before the wedding to ask me if there was something she could buy for me to eat at the wedding? This touched my heart. I got emotional because it was her special day and she thought of me. She bought me a salad with fruit with dressing that I could eat. It was amazing of her to do this for me on her special day.

Being the only vegan at parties isn't always so bad. Sometimes you may have someone that may cater to your needs or some that may not. Take this as a time to share with others about your amazing vegan journey. You never know, you might just help someone else start their journey of veganism.

Have you ever been invited somewhere where there was no vegan options? Let me know in the comments below