How to Cope with Anxiety?

According to the Wikipedia Anxiety is an “emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behavior such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination.” We all have been nervous about something, but anxiety is nervousness multiplied by 100. It’s a horrible feeling, you start sweating, you can’t think straight, and often find it hard to function. I suffered from anxiety and I sometimes have a few episodes but nothing severe. When I had them, I didn’t know what they were I just knew that I didn’t feel comfortable. I felt like I was about to pass out or even get sick.

Anxiety is often triggered by traumatic experiences that happened to us in life. The trauma we experience in life as a child, young adult, and so forth often leaves us with side effects. Anxiety is one of them. The trauma I experienced from an unhealthy relationship, my house getting broken into while I was living alone and being at work during a gun robbery.

These three things robbed me of my security and trust in people. I experienced paranoid feelings and I didn’t open up much to people. I was uncomfortable in situations that shouldn’t feel uncomfortable and when I talked to my therapist about the robbery, I would get anxiety. I eventually stop working there because every person reminded me of the person who robbed the place. I couldn’t function while I was there, and I was always nervous it would happen again.

I was prescribed pills for anxiety, but I knew that I had to eventually learn to control my emotions by myself. Anxiety is scary and not knowing you have anxiety is even scarier. Why? Because you continue to experience these weird feeling but don’t know what the feelings are caused by.

I devoted last year to advocating for self-care practices because I truly believe we must take care of ourselves. Mental Health is something that I hold close to my heart because of the experiences I been through mentally. I wanted to educate others on becoming better for themselves because our life doesn’t operate efficiently when we are not good.

Learning that I had anxiety was the first step, but the next step was understanding why I had it? It was normal for me to feel the way I felt when I had anxiety because my body was triggered by a traumatic experience from my past. Our body never forgets anything, even if we force ourselves to not think about it, our brain still knows the truth. Recognizing why we have anxiety can help us with how to cope with the anxiety. Incorporating a variety of techniques, seeing a doctor, or therapist, these are some options to help us get through it and maybe you might have to take medicine until you are able to get through it on your own.

So how to cope with anxiety?

Here’s a variety of techniques you can use to cope with anxiety.

Talk to someone- talking to someone can be helpful because sometimes telling someone how you feel helps take a load off your shoulders. I often talk to my husband when I am stressing because it gives me a chance to debunk everything bothering me so that I can relax.

Exercise- Exercise is good because it releases endorphins that gives our body that happy feeling. Plus, exercising is beneficial to the whole body.

Meditate - Meditation is helpful with getting in-tuned with our thoughts. It helps calm the body and as we breathe, we release the bad and inhale the good.

Unwind - As a mom this one is hard to do because I am always busy doing things for others. I had to realize it was important to unwind and give my body a break. Taking a day off from work or not cooking dinner one night to give myself a break from doing too much was so helpful for me and my family.

Medication - If holistic techniques are not working try prescription medicine until you’re able to gain back control of your mind.

Anxiety is serious, it affects everyone no matter how old, race you are, or the background you come from. We all can experience it, but you can get through it. So, remember today your mental health is important. If you are experiencing any type of emotional illnesses, seek help, tell someone you trust, call a doctor, or therapist. It only takes deciding to be better for yourself. Don’t allow anxiety to run your life, it’s time to get your life back.

“Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.”

-Arthur Somers Roche

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