How to Create a Vision Board that Works?

When I heard of the term vision board or dream board in my early adult life, my naivety thought it was something children did, but to my surprise it’s not just for children, anyone can make a vision board. For years I have been creating my vision boards and this year I decided to change the way I made the vision board. Having a vision board to look at can be motivating because it contains pictures and words that envision our future. When I first started making the boards they had a bunch of pictures on them and didn’t really give me an idea of what I was shooting for because when we decide what we want to have in life, it takes being specific. Vision boards are unique ways to showcase our desires or goals and can serve as daily motivation toward achieving the goals.

This past weekend my husband and I made vision boards, he is a vision board newbie, and I was excited to share what I believe has helped me manifest the goals I have achieved in life. The materials needed for a vision board are a white poster board of any size, this is your blank canvas. Refer to this as your life, when you start a new day, it’s a blank canvas, and you have the opportunity to create the day you dream of. Our life is a blank canvas, the past is the past, we cannot change it, noted. The future is unknown, noted. The present is what we have, so we can decide to switch how we see ourselves within a few seconds of a bad habit. I hate the idea of waiting for a new year to work on new goals, some goals do take a year, but not every goal should be out to the side, waiting for the new year to come so that you can start working on them. This causes us to lose time that we cannot get back.

I can recall conversations with friends and colleagues on social around this topic of waiting to the new year to start a new habit, with less than two months left in the year, there is still so much days left in the year to achieve amazing things. Most were deciding to wait until 2021, statuses about their goals for 2021 seen on multiple platforms, it’s like they were ready to throw in the towel and the year hadn’t ended.

Yes, this year has been a challenge, but if we look to the future as the resolution, it will not get you far. This is running away from our problems, and though it may be hard to face the challenges of this year for some, we can’t run from our problems. I was listening to Jay Shetty book “Think Like a Monk” on audible and he said something that resonated with me, I’ll paraphrase, “when the smoke alarm goes off do you turn it off and go to bed, if you turn the alarm off, the fire doesn’t stop, it continues to grow.” He was trying to communicate that when we try to run from our problems they continue to escalate until we decide to fix them. The fire was only going to continue to escalate, and we can decide to get out safely or act like it isn’t happening.

This is what we do when we ignore our reality and long for something that seems appealing. Of course, the unknow looks appealing because we haven’t experienced it. Choosing to wait until 2021 to take control over your life doesn’t mean you will do it. Someone who really wants change in their life will eliminate their own excuses and decide to start immediately. That’s why we did vision boards last night. That’s why each day I am setting goals for myself because I realized that I do not need to wait until a new year comes, or when my life feels comfortable. To achieve great things in life it takes those uncomfortable situations that make us evaluate do we want it our do we just want it when the circumstances are good. I can recall when I was walking to work, and it was tough but I knew in that moment that I was never going to walk again for transportation. That was a tough moment for me, but I saved money and bought a car and I didn’t wait till the next year to do it. I started because I didn’t want to walk for transportation anymore.

When you are fed up with things don’t let it cause you to run from your problems, run to them, and fix them. Don’t wait because every day we wait puts us farther away from our goals. There is so much potential left in this year, and I know a lot of people were affected by this pandemic. I was, my friends were, people loss love ones, people loss jobs, and many more things that I cannot imagine has happened. If you are still alive this is an indication that you should not throw in the towel. I stopped feeling sorry for my life years ago after listening to a speaker and though I cannot recall the person name, the words stayed with me. The person said “your life is how it is because you have accepted it,” at the time I couldn’t fully grasp it and I kept playing it in my head until it clicked. I was in control of my life, meaning how I react to what happens to me, what people say to me, rather I take action, or sit still. I was in control of my future and the times when I gave myself excuses for not doing something it was me deciding not to do it. The job I was working at, I had applied to, and accepted the responsibilities and the pay. This made we look at how I did life differently because every choice I made had to make sense if I wanted to see radical change in my life.

How do you make a vision board?

First decided what are your goals? When do you want to achieve the goals, have a timeline of less than a year. I do this because in life we are always changing daily, and when you start the self-development stage in your life, you may notice the goals you thought you wanted were no longer your desire, so keeping the timeline under a year allows you to just focus on that year and then you can decide what comes next. You can write down your five year and 10-year goals in a journal but not on a board. Next write down on a separate piece of paper the goals and how you will get there.

I like to have categories on my board such as, health, business/career if working for someone, personal finance, relationships/family, misc. (hobbies etc.), self-development. Feel free to use these categories or create your own. Once I have my categories, I think of how I want to improve within a year in those categories. Write this down, along with the steps. Once I have this written out on the separate sheet of paper, I start creating my vision board.

I look for pictures and words in magazine, I also write out my goals with different color markers so when I look at the board it looks appealing to my eye. Sine I look at it for one year, why not make it look beautiful? Once you have finished put this somewhere you can see it when you wake up and look at it daily. Visualize yourself there and work on the steps you wrote down on that separate paper daily. I host vision parties every January with friends and family and I also allow my children to join in. Seeing others be passionate about their goals makes me happy because I want everyone to succeed and achieve the things they want in life. Part of what I do as a women’s health coach is, I help you women heal so that they can step into your purpose.

My experience as a life coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist gave me a different approach on how I coach my clients. Whatever goals you want to achieve cannot be achieved properly in a body that is broken, suffering from mental, emotional, and physical barriers, this only blocks you from your next steps in your career, business, and relationships because we cannot be all we need to be unhealthy. I help my clients create their vision for their lives so when they heal, they can go out and fulfil their purpose on the earth and changes lives in the mist of it.

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Do you feel like you have a higher calling? Are you ready to step into your purpose with confidence? Today decide to no longer wait for new year resolutions. It's November 2020, if you are thinking, I will start in 2021, stop, there is so much year left, why wait? Book a call with me today so we can start creating your future. Click here to book a free clarity session. Talk soon

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