How to Manage Your Anxiety and Live a Calm HAPPY Life?

Anxiety can feel like an uncontrollable emotion. I used to think the only way to eliminate my anxiety was for to be on medication for the rest of my life. As I read the side effects on the medication I was prescribed, it left me feeling like anxiety was better than what I may experience from the medication to treat my condition.

I started experiencing anxiety after a robbery incident at a previous employer. When the incident was happening, I felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest. I was in the back of the store when it happened, I slowly creep into the storage area waiting for the danger to subside. As I waited for the police to arrive, I felt like I was about to die. It left me emotionally wreaked and I had a hard time breathing and talking to the officers at the scene. I started seeing a phycologist afterwards and he prescribed me anxiety medications. I took the pills once and after looking at the bottle I knew that I had to figure out another way.

Was I going to be like this for the rest of my life? I pondered. Could I manage it on my own? Yes, I told myself. Anxiety is a form of emotion that we often experience when we are anxious, worrying, nervous, and afraid. The constant feeling of anxiety has long-term effects on the mental health because it effects the bodies Central Nervous System.

The central nervous system contains the brain, the spine, and the nerves located throughout our body. When the body is always under stress it weakens the immune system, which allows harmful pathogens to affect our bodies, and cause disease. You can eliminate or lessen your anxiety episodes in your life with a few simple practices that I used to help cure my anxiety around day to day life experiences.

To know how to cure your anxiety its important to figure out what causes you to have anxiety. Keep a log for one week and write down every time you experience an anxiety attack, then write down what you were doing that may have caused it. When you know what causes the attacks you can learn way to cope during that moment.

Now that you know what is causing the anxiety lets discuss holistic ways to lessen or eliminate your anxiety.


Breathing during an anxiety attack will help the body relax and calm down. Try taking a deep breathe through your nose and holding for a count of four then breathe out for a count of four. Continue to do this and you will feel your body begin to calm down. Jay Shetty talks about this in his book “Think Like a Monk” because he also experiences anxiety every time he is about to speak or make an appearance. Breathing is beneficial to the body because it helps lower your blood pressure, decrease pain, and improve the body overall wellbeing. Try this whenever you feel anxiety in your body and the more you practice you will slowly start to control your anxiety. Check out this article on the benefits of deep breathing:

Stop Worrying

When we worry it causes our body to onset stress which onset anxiety and causes us to elevate our heartrate and feel like we are not in control. Being present in every moment in your life and know that all you have is now will help you learn that we are only responsible for what is happening now. We place more responsibilities on ourselves which in the end causes us to allow stress to stay. When you worry about something that you have to do weeks from now, you’re not allowing yourself to experience joy in your life and with the people around you. When we worry about the past, we cause ourselves to stay stuck and re-live those same emotions. Whenever you find yourself worrying about something that happened in the past or something you must do days from your present moment, pause, and breathe then ask yourself is it serving you to worry? Knowing that it does not serve you, will help your mind shift to something else that is more productive.

Practice Gratitude Daily

Practicing Gratitude Daily will help you learn to enjoy everything you have in life. I practice gratitude in the morning and at night. I write in my journal things and people I am thankful for. While I am writing I am allowing myself to feel happy for everything and everyone in my life. Doing this in the morning will help kick start your day on a positive pace because you know that no matter what happens in your day, you have a lot to be grateful for. When you end your night, do the same thing, this will help release the tension from the day, and reset your mood before going to bed. Check out this article on the benefits of giving thanks:,express%20gratitude%20in%20multiple%20ways.

Anxiety is not fun, the way to release, is to first acknowledge you have it, do not try to run from it because this will not fix the problem. Identify what is causing it, decide that it will not serve you because it effects the well-being of the body. Lastly incorporate one these habits into your daily routine, you will start to see massive changes happen in your life.

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Disclaimer: Psychologists and doctors do mean well when they prescribe us medicine, and this is not a post to tell you not to listen to your doctor. This is a post to share with you my experiences and always get a second opinion.

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