How to Plan and Organize your Day for Success?

Organization is key to a success day. When life is filled with career, family, and day to routines of life it can be easy to get off task. Having a routine is important to keep life on track. When people go to their job they have a set schedule for when the day began and when it ends. Meetings are scheduled and there are designated lunch times.

School was the same also, class started and ended at a certain time you get breaks, and there is a buffer between each activity to encourage a smooth transition. The reason why schools and businesses are structured is because it makes everything flow in an organized manner. There is no chaos and there’s a buffer to prevent failure.

Since school and work are organized we have to also organized our life if we want to be successful. If you could take control of your day your life will start looking as if you are in control instead of life in control of you.

Most people start their day looking at their phone but grabbing our phones when we wake can make or break our day. When I wake up each morning, I don’t check my alerts and I have been doing this practice for months. On Saturday, my knee jerk reaction prompted me to check my phone when I woke. To my surprise there was something negative waiting for me. It was 5:53 when my email was hacked, and I was locked out of my PayPal account. I can honestly say it affected me a lot that day because I allowed that to be what I faced first thing upon waking up.

When we wake and before bed fasting from our devices is beneficial. Blue lights effect the body circadian rhythm and when we are always connected it starts to effect the body ability to get proper sleep. Also, if we are looking at negative stuff before bed or when we wake it effects our mood. To have a successful day disconnect before you start your day and add value to your day by learning something that can help you.

Have a daily checklist. Place the items in order from priority to less priority, this will allow you to focus on what tasks are important for the day and which tasks can be push to another day. Schedule reminders and events in your calendar digitally and on paper. Invest in a planner, it’s helpful for keeping life on track because we can visually see what we need to do each day, week, or month. Store the information in the paper planner also on your phone so when you’re making plans with friends and family you can easily check your schedule without looking for your planner. Place your planner by your bed or on your desk to eliminate wasting time trying to locate it when you need it. Having it in sight is a reminder that you have tasks to complete which helps you stay on task.

Don’t overdo things. When you are trying to organize your life doing a lot of things in one day doesn’t lighten the load. It’s best to spread things out through the week. For example, I have a huge house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Though this is a good size house for my family I often wish my house were smaller. Since I cannot downsize right now I learned that I can’t clean my house all in one day, even with the children and my husband it’s a lot of house so I decided to break the cleaning up in days. Bathrooms on Monday, bedrooms on Tuesday, living areas on Wednesday, and just like that, the house is clean and I didn’t stress about trying to complete it in one day.

Whatever task you have try to break it up in pieces, if you can’t spread it out in days try time blocking, set a timer and complete any task in 20 minutes. Once 20 minutes is up start another tasks. Doing this will take away the unnecessary stress that we often put own ourselves for making unrealistic expectations.

Going to bed on time and waking up at the same time everyday is also beneficial to a successful day. If you’re always staying up late chances are, you’re going to be tired and risk being late starting your day. Proper rest is beneficial to a productive day and allows the body to gain more clarity and focus.

Lastly to be successful you must be willing to ask for help. When you feel overwhelmed, need a break, or feel like your life is spinning out of control ask for help. We all need it sometimes and most people are willing to help you, just ask for help. If you can’t get the laundry or clean the house pay for help, ask a friend or love one. Whatever is taking up your time that you need to be productive ask for help. As a mom with virtual students I am always happy when I get help because we all need help, we are not made to do life alone.

So how do you have a successful day everyday simple, organize your life. Sit down and write down the tasks you have to complete each day or week and then put on your calendar the days you need to complete the tasks and how long the task will take. Also Remember to give yourself a break, don’t develop burnout from trying to manage everything alone.

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