How to Reprogram Your Mind?

Our mind governs how me live our life. Its in control of every choice we make. How many times have you told yourself you have to think about it? Or when you order your food from a restaurant, you look at the items and think about what will you buy? Our mind helps us and sometimes it keeps us stuck. I can recall when I was depressed in my early twenties, the world was my enemy, and everything was happening to me instead of for me. I felt like my life was a wreak but the truth is, it wasn’t. It was my mind convincing me that my circumstances were worst than they looked. When the mind is controlling us we continue to create the same patterns and habits. We were not made to suffer. Life can be tough at times, but we were not designed to experience nothing but pain in our lives.

Reprograming your mind so that it will work for you is truly the answer to a happier fulfilled life. This does not cancel out what we may label as something bad happening but in those moments, we will have control over our bodies, instead of the body controlling us.

We handle everything in life based on our past choices because the mind likes to create habits, to change the way our mind is designed, it will take time and practice. Just like exercising, it takes more than one workout to lose the weight, and it takes more than one meditation session to gain control over the mind. One of the things I have found helpful through my learning about the mind is that we can make drastic changes happen instantly and for some, it may take longer.

It’s the willingness and the want to change that will create that change. It took me years because I kept fighting with myself about what was right and what was comfortable for me. Sometimes we look at our situation and think that if we try something new then there’s a possibility it could be worst. Life is full of possibilities and if we continue to stop ourselves from taking chances from fear, we leave ourselves stuck in places that were meant to be lived for a season.

Are you ready to reprogram your mind? This is not a question for me to answer, but a question for you to ponder. Do you want to see your life change in a more positive way? Do you want to start being more in control of your emotions? Do you want to live a life that does not get stressed easily? This may seem like an easy yes, but so many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and the list of mental illnesses continues.

They want to change but are unsure if its possible. If this is you, I want to remind you that it is possible, you can reprogram your mind, and you do not have to suffer for the rest of your life.

To reprogram your mind, you must act. Do not wait to you feel like you are the best version of yourself. You must walk into alignment with the person that you want your future self to be. Walk into alignment. Feel the ease of being in control of your mind. Eliminating the noise that says you are not good enough. Believe that it is possible for you to heal your mind. Choose today to take care of your mind as if you are healed. Choose habits and choices that will help your mind grow. Listen to podcasts, YouTube videos, read books, and get rid of the things that are poisoning your mind. Know your triggers. If you watch a video and feel upset and depressed afterwards. Stay away from those types of people.

We become what we consume repeatedly, so if you are consuming negative media, it will start to affect your mental health. If you are consuming toxic foods every day, it will start effecting your mind as well. The body functions as a whole, when the body is not taken care of, things will start to affect us. Imagine if you never took care of your car, would it reliable? Eventually it will stop working or need repairs. That is how our body is. We are going to go through things in life which why it’s more important to continue to feed your mind mentally and physically with the things it needs to thrive.

Activities to improve your mental health

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Breathe Exercises

  • Exercising

  • Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables

  • Reading Positive books

  • Listening to Podcast

  • Taking a break from social media

  • Listening to Music (positive music, calm music, music that make you happy, etc)

Are you struggling with mental health and want to learn how to maintain your mental health so that you can be more happy and free? Purchase my Mental Health Maintenance Book in the link below.

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