How to Shift Your Mindset?

"The mind is the most powerful tool that humans possess, it can be used to help you attain success or it can take you to the depths of failure."-Asad Meah

When I first started my self-development journey in 2011, I was in my early twenties. I had failed at relationships and I was struggling to find purpose. At the time I was a mom with two toddlers, working full-time, and providing for them alone. That year I decided to make a change in my life, so I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve that year. The first goal on my list was to learn how to make better choices. I had my first son at 17 and my second son at 21 and I knew that if I wanted someone in my life that was a good example for my sons, I had to change the way I chose my partner.

I could have blamed the men I dated for cheating on me or not being the "one" but I knew that it was my choice for choosing the wrong people to date and it was my choice for choosing who I will date moving forward. I knew in that moment that I had the power to write another story for my life and that I was not a product to my environment or a statistic. I was going create the opposite life of what society said I was suppose to have and that's when I started my mission.

I started this blog in 2016, on a mission to inspire others because I had change my life in a powerful way and I wanted to share my experience with others. I transformed my body, achieved goals in my career, improved my personal relationships, and met my soul mate. I thought that maybe if I helped people get active, maybe this will help them create a shift in their lives.

So, I started my journey as a personal trainer and nutrition coach but after a year of coaching I realized that my clients were missing something. They were seeing results in their physicals body but they were not maturing mentally.

Mental health is something I hold dear to my heart after suffering in silence from depressions, but after healing myself and coming out of a dark place, I thought that I could also help my clients by doing the same techniques I did for myself. I started working out and gained more confidence in the process, but this isn't always true for everyone.

In October, after having trouble with helping a client shift from being unmotivated to motivated, I started reading more about the mind and how it works. I became obsessed with every book I listen to and documentary I watched. As I immersed myself into reading about the mind, I uncovered the answer that I had been looking for. The reason why my client wasn't able to create a shift from unmotivated to motivated is because she was suffering mentally. Her subconscious mind had programed her to stay in that unmotivated state because this was what her mind was used to. In order for me to create a shift in her life, it meant I had to rewire her subconscious mind for motivation.

My past clients were staying the same because their mindset was only changing on a conscious level and not a subconscious level. The conscious level will not remove the behavior patterns that were programmed in our bodies years ago. Most of the programs are from our childhood which is why people continue to repeat old patterns.

In order for them to have lasting success in their life, it meant I had to help them rewire their mind. According to scientists the conscious mind makes up 10% of the mind and the subconscious mind makes up 90% of the mind. The conscious thoughts and behaviors are the ones we are aware of. The unconscious thoughts and behaviors are the habits that happen naturally, the way we blink, breathing, past choices, our language, morals, and the list goes on.

Knowing this information is why I am so excited to start this journey. I am committed to helping people create a shift in their minds so they can show up for themselves and have the confidence to achieve the goals they want in their lives. Rather its their health, improving their relationship, or embarking on a new career or starting a business. I can help them adopt the habits that they need by releasing the patterns of sabotaging behaviors in their subconscious mind.

I signed up for Reese Evans Yes Supply Method weeks ago so that I will have my certification in NLP, EFT, Life and Success Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.

I have started using the tools in this training and the techniques have created a shift in my clients lives in each session.

in each session my clients are learning how to be at cause for their lives so they can start making major shifts from unmotivated to motivated. The formula for success empowerment states that cause is greater than effect. Cause creates results and effect gives reasons why someone cannot not do something. For example, I used to think that because I came from a single parent house hold of poverty that I would have a hard time because opportunities were only available to people who were wealthy.

This was wired in my subconscious and I had to release it because it was causing me to continue to experience hard times. It became apart of my DNA and I was living with the mantra that I had to work harder to get what I wanted in life.

We all have to work for what we want but it is not hard. It is actually easy when you have a method and a road map. This is what I teach my clients in my Mindset Life Coaching Sessions. They work with me for 4-weeks and for each session we work on creating the habits they need to go out and fulfil their life purpose.

When they are finish with their 4-weeks of coaching they are able to operate in their life with confidences because they have released the negative sabotaging behaviors or beliefs around what success means. They have the road map to their future and they know the steps to get them there.

I help people create clarity in their lives when they are experiencing a roadblock and need direction on how to get to their next steps. Having the tools I learned in the Yes Supply Method has gave me the knowledge to be able to help my clients create the life of their dreams.

How to create your dream life?

  • Ask yourself this questions today, “what is the dream life you want to create if you have all the resources in the world to do it?” Visualize yourself in your dream life. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do you look? As a child we used our imagination to create things, this is how you create the life of your dreams. Before something was invented in this world, someone had to dream it first. You have the power to achieve your goals and if you know the answer to the life you will create, this is what your subconscious is telling you that you are made to create.

  • Lastly, ask yourself, knowing this what will happen if you decide today to not do this? How will you feel? How will your life look if you decide to stay at effect then at cause for your life? What will your day look like? Will you have regrets?

Ponder these two questions and then write them in your journal. These are the two questions I had to ask myself. I knew that I wanted to make a change in my life and I knew it was going to take me to do it. I hired a coach and I started working on my dream life. I have accomplished so many goals since I started this journey, and I want the same for you.

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