It’s okay to start over in life.

I was afraid to start a new career. As someone who always looked like everything in my life was perfect, I was struggling with my purpose. Our purpose is something that we were created for. The impact that we will make on other people lives. I thought our purpose meant some hobby that we enjoyed because I always heard that if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in life. Yes, this is true, but it was not as deep as I thought it was. It meant that working can be enjoyable if you are doing something you enjoy, it did not say that you will get paid to do it. Wow, as I thought to myself, such an oxymoron. I thought if I shared my passion for getting healthier that someone else’s life will be transformed, the truth is that was my passion was not my purpose and as I thought about starting over and doing what I was called to do, it scared me. I wanted to be comfortable doing what I enjoy, exercising, sharing my love for vegan food, that’s it. The truth is life had a bigger plan for me.

When I looked through life, the moments when I was changing lives was when I was helping women, not just any woman but moms. Women who identified with me, my story, when I spoke to them, they felt a shift in their bodies that caused them to want to change their life. I enjoyed it because I knew the struggles of being a mom and how much pressure we put on ourselves. Starting over is not easy, admitting that I no longer wanted to be a personal trainer was hard. I felt like I was giving up on myself though I knew I was called for more, I just thought that it was enough. I was supposed to be a health guru sharing my passion with the world. The truth is I knew I was made to speak to women, show them how to get through life challenges, and come out on top. I was asked several times to be a motivational speaker, a life coach, and someone once told me I had the gift of speaking. I knew that I was called to be a teacher because I always had the fire inside of me to teach others even as a young girl. I just didn’t know what type of teacher I was supposed to be?

I was confused and like most of everyone else in life. We are born in life with the expectation that we have to have it all figured out. Several speakers, writers, coaches, counselors, mentors, teachers, parents, friends, and the list goes on of the people who tell us this is the correct way to live. The truth is there is no correct way to live life, you have to choose the path that works for you. Speakers, coaches, mentors, teachers, parents, friends, and everyone that gives us advice mean well, they are being helpful, the advice isn’t bad, but they are only giving us advice based on their life experiences, not ours. The best advice comes from life experiences that we create on our own. The lessons that we learn from making choices, the negative ones we delete, and the positive ones we keep for further choices that may need them.

Mentors, coaches, and speakers are great people to listen to, follow, and invest in, the greatest of the greatest successful people have mentors and coaches, but you have to know where you want to go and they can guide you and keep you on track. What is your purpose? Remember we can share our passion with the world and share our purpose and your passion isn’t always your purpose and you can be passionate about your purpose. I am passionate about being a mindset life coach and I am also passionate about being a personal trainer. My purpose was more than just teaching people how to exercise and eat healthy and I had to hang the business hat up on that one. I could still share my love for exercise and eating healthy, but I didn’t have to make it into a business. I can share it with the people who have the same hobbies as me and we can hang out at smoothie cafes. I am connected in groups that share that love for healthy living which allows me to feel fulfilled in my passion.

Starting over sometimes feels like we failed, this is not true. There are no failures in life, only lessons. As we grow and enter different seasons it requires us to let go of things that no longer serves us. Holding on to things that do not serve us or fulfill the need we were created for on this earth blocks us from our blessings. Remember when we let go of things that are not meant for us anymore, there is always something greater lined up to replace it. Every time when something in my life did not go as planned for me or when I lost something that I thought was meant to for me like a job or a relationship, something amazing came and replaced it.

Maybe you want to start a new relationship. Maybe you want to start a new career. Maybe you want to complete a goal that you feel like is impossible. Everything will always seem scary because it is the unknown. Focus on taking it one day at a time because this is all you have control over. Focusing on one day will not allow the anxiety and fear to creep in when you think about the length of the process. If you worry about how many weeks, months, or years it will take, that will create worry, anxiety, fear, and stress. The body only has enough energy to devote to one task at a time, by focusing on one day you know that you can commit to that.

This NEW YEAR is a NEW Chapter for your life, its okay to start over, do not worry about what no one else thinks about you starting something new, or starting over, only you need to be happy with your decisions. If something is calling you to a new chapter go after it, that’s your intuition calling you to do what your heart desires, do not run away from your purpose. You were called to do something greater and the more you ignore it the more you allow yourself to be where you are. If you want this year to be your year you must be willing to do something different, be bold, step out into the unknown, and know that you are safe.

“Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over.”

― Nicole Sobon

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