Great ways to detox your mind

I was not always tech savvy compared to my peers. I remember when I was the only one in my family not using the texting feature on their phone. Now fast forward to 2021 and technology has improved and though we depend on it so much, taking a break can be beneficial to the mind. On Netflix there is a documentary called The Social Dilemma which shared how social media has effected society mental health in a negative way. Though I love social media and the beautiful things that technology has to offer, it can be addictive for some.

I remember when I decided to take a year off from social media. I needed a break from all the negativity because I was allowing it to effect me. I can recall times when I would read a post and then another until I was furious and shutting my phone off. I was allowing it to effect me in a negative way which was not good for my mental or emotional well being.

I announced to the news to my family and they were all encouraging me to not take a break. I assured them that I do have a cell phone and they can still stay in contact with me but not on social media. That was when I realized that social media was more than a way to watch funny videos, see pictures of people food, and families, it was a way to connect. People had replaced the duties of the phone services, with the social apps.

Taking a year from social media was so freeing because it meant I did not have to share every part of my life. It meant I did not have to read negative media, and it felt good. Now that I am back on social media I do not over consume, and I also have a better mindset that doesn't allow me to let negative things effect me. I knew that social media was effecting me and I wanted to learn how to manage my emotions before my emotions managed me.

Our emotions effect our mind which in returns effects our mental health. If we are always in a state of stress triggered from negative feelings this can cause long term effects to the mind.

So how to detox your mind?

  • Reducing time spent on habits that make you feel stressed or cause emotional triggers. For example, when I gave up social media for a year so that I could focus on my mental and emotional well-being.

  • Exercising daily, the style of workout can vary from person to person such walk in the park to completing a 30 minute HIIT workout on YouTube. Whichever you choose, do it daily. Exercising not only helps the physical body but it also helps reduce stress in return helps the mind.

  • Get out in nature. Nature brings a peaceful and tranquil feeling to the body. Rather you decide to take a hike or go to the beach they both bring peace to the body.

  • Relax in the tub. Soaking in the tub in Epson salt helps detox the body and leave the body feeling relax. Feel free to have calm music playing to enhance the experience.

  • Pay attention to your self-talk. What language do you use when you talk to yourself? Is it uplifting or disempowering? Do not call yourself words that you would never want a stranger to call your love one.

  • In corporate mental exercises into your routine like meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques. These all have been proven to provide the mind with the self-care it needs.

  • Take it slow. Pay attention to your body, it communicate what it needs, so if you feel tired, or weak, evaluate what your body needs and then decide to take care of that need.

What are some ways that you can detox your mind? Comment below