RAW Berry Fruit Cake

Raw Berry Fruit Cake

Servings 8


2 Cup Walnuts

30 Dates


1 Pound of Blackberries

8 Dates

3 Bananas

Banana Swirl

4 Bananas

20 Dates


2 Kiwi

Fresh Raspberries

Fresh Blackberries


Soak walnuts for 1-2 hours in room temperature water. Drain, rinse, and pat dry. Add walnuts and dates to food processor. Pulse until mixture is sticky. Add crust mixture evenly to the bottom of a 9 inch spring form pan.

Make Base

Add blackberries, bananas, and dates to high speed blender. Blend until smooth. Add ingredients to top of the crust. Tap the pan to distribute the ingredients evenly.

Make banana swirl

Add banana and date to blender, pour on top of blackberry layer and swirl the mixture into the bottom layer to make a design.

Place cake in freezer for 1-2 hours to firm before decorating.

Once cake top layer is frozen, decorate with toppings of choice.

Place back in freezer. Freeze until completely frozen. Remove from freezer and cut with warm knife. Enjoy

Store requirements: Best kept in freezer in freezer safe container

Let me know if you made this recipe and I see you in my next blog post.