Staying Motivated

The most difficult thing to do is staying motivated. When I started my blog in April 2017, I knew that it was going to be hard. Growing an audience, hoping people would like the topics, staying consistent, and motivated. I always could motivate others in their talents, but when it came to myself, I struggled. I remember talking to my sister about writing a book, she suggested I start a blog first. I wasn’t interested at first in starting a blog because I knew all the work it took to up keep a blog. I started thinking about how busy I was, and how I barely had a few minutes for myself, let alone trying to commit to another task. I was thinking about failure, before I even started. I finally made up my mind, and decided to start a blog. I went to the public library, and checked out books on how to start a blog. I searched the web, and researched professional bloggers. Once I completed all that, I wrote my goals down on a piece of paper, and wrote down topics for my blog. After all that, I picked out a day I could commit to posting, which took me a hard time to figure out. I then set up my blog and got going. I been wanting to help people my whole life, and I knew it was my purpose. My purpose to inspire people, young girls, women, just like me. Imperfections, but still beautiful.

Staying motivated wasn’t easy because I often get discourage. The thing that kept me motivated, was thinking about my purpose, and the outcome of my blog, lives being changed, inspiring others, and women, loving themselves, flaws, and all. People often are drawn to those that have similar circumstances, and struggles, and me laying it all out there, draws people to my blog. So many people, such as myself, have a hard time expressing their feelings to others because they are afraid to admit their struggles. The world we live in is such a contradict to itself, they tell you it’s okay to be different, but they judge you for your differences. This made me more motivated, to let women know, that it is okay to be different. I didn’t always have the motivation like I have now. Life, age, and maturity has brought me a long way. Even when you feel like giving up, remember, to keep going, be strong, and stay motivated. Motivation is the desire to do something, and as long you have the desire to keep going, you’ll naturally stay motivated. Your desire must outweigh your doubts.

How to Stay Motivated?

  • Make goals. Make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. Write it in a notebook, and look at them daily as a reminder of what you are striving for.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Learning how to not compare yourself to others, will help keep you on track. When you compare yourself to others, you tend to get discourage, and lose motivation. Though they might be doing a whole lot better, they were in your position before, and they kept going, and you can to. Learn from others, ask questions about their success, and struggles. You might learn that it wasn’t as easy as it might seem.

  • It’s okay to break down. Some days you are going to want to give up, so take a break, relax, and give yourself time to regroup. Then dust yourself off, tell yourself that you can do it, and get back on track. The hardest part of getting to where you want to be in life is learning how to stay discipline when you have little, so you can know how to manage your load when you have more. Sometimes I use to get upset about things not happening, then I realized that God allows me to not experience things until I’m in the right mindset, so I can know how to handle it. When I realize this, I developed patience.

  • Don’t give up! Whatever you love, and passionate about, you will be successful because through hard work, motivation, and consistency, you can achieve anything.

“At one point a time in your life, you have to see what living is like. The only way to see what living is like, is by learning to jump.” -Steve Harvey

Stay Motivated!