Vegan Apple Tart

We had so many apples last week so, I decided to make a vegan apple tart for the family. I love apples. Apples are delicious and the beautiful thing about apples is they come in a variety flavors. My first time visiting an apple orchard I didn’t realize it was so many species of apples. My favorite is honey crisp apples and before I discovered honey crisp, gale apple were my top choice. The beautiful thing about apples is they are excellent for a variety of desserts from cakes, donuts, pies, tarts, and even cupcakes.

In this blog post I share a yummy vegan apple tart. This vegan apple tart is easy to make with minimal prep required. I bought the apples a couple weeks ago and my husband kept asking me when are you going to make the vegan apple tart? I was busy last week preparing customer’s orders and finishing up last minute gifts for our son’s 15th birthday. I was determined to make the vegan apple tart because they have been waiting for it for weeks. Have fun making this vegan apple tart. Feel free to switch out the apples for your favorite apple. Leave a heart if you enjoyed this recipe and comment below what you like to see in my next blog post. Remember if you share this recipe online, tag me in it.

Vegan Apple Tart


8 Servings

Tart Crust

1 3/4 Cups All Purpose Baking Flour

3 Tbsp. Organic Turbinado Sugar

1/4 tsp Sea Salt

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, melted

3 Tbsp. Water

Tart Filling

10 Medium Size Golden Delicious Apples

3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp. Water

3/4 Cup Apple Preserves

1/4 tsp Sea Salt


Preheat Oven to 375 Degrees Fahrenheit

Combine the ingredient for the pie crust in large bowl adding dry ingredients first then mixing in melted oil and water. Press dough into a 9in tart pan spreading the dough evenly making sure to get the edges of the tart pan. Place crust in oven on the bottom rack. Cook tart crust for 30-35 minutes or until brown. Once crust is ready set aside to cool.

Cut five apples in half then slice each half into four pieces. Add the apples to the pan along with one tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of water. Cook until apples become translucent and able to bend. Please do not over cook apples they will become too soft like apple sauce.

Once apples are finish cooking spread them evenly on parchment paper and allow them to cool while you work on the remaining tart filling.

Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit

In sauce pan apple apple preserves and cook the preserves down until it’s melted. Remove from heat and use a fine mesh to strain the apple preserves into a bowl to remove the chucks of apples. This will be use as a glass on the top apple layer. Strap the excess apple chucks from the strainer into a separate bowl. This will be use in the filling.

Peel and cut five apples in half then slice each half into four pieces. Melt two tablespoons of coconut in the same pan you cook the other apples in. Add the peeled apples, salt, the remaining apple chucks to the pan and cook until the apples are soften. Then mash the apples to make apple sauce. Add this to the cooled tart crust evenly on the bottom and start layering the apples from the parchment paper.

To make the flower design on top, start place the apples on the edge, and slowly work your way around the cr