Vegan Banana Pudding

Updated: Mar 14

Vegan Banana Pudding

Serve 6


2 Bananas

2 c Coconut milk

4 tbsp. Cornstarch

1/8 tsp. Salt

1/2 c Turbinado sugar

1 tub of So Delicious Freezer whipped cream

1 tbsp. Vanilla extract

1 pack of Publix organic vanilla wafers or another vegan friendly brand


Mix cornstarch, salt, and sugar in a bowl

Then pour mixture to small sauce pan then whisk in milk 1 cup at a time. Set heat on stove to high. Stir the mixture as it heat and start to boil. Stir until mix is thick. Remove from heat let cool. Option to place in freezer to cool faster. Also stir throughout cooling process

After mixture is cooled to room temp add vanilla extracts and whisk together

Layer the pudding starting with the cookies creating a layer. Then add pudding banana slices and whip cream keep layering until you end with the whip cream sprinkle cookies on top ️

*Option for low sugar option

use tapioca instead to make pudding

Mix 1/4 tapioca with 3 cups of coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1/8 tsp of salt, 1 tsp vanilla extracts (boil milk then add tapioca sugar, vanilla, and salt to mixture for this one

*The container I used was 8x6x2 made by the brand pyrex

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