Why AM I Always Positive?

People always ask me why am I always positive my response is “each day you’re either breathing life or death into people through your words.” Words are powerful and they can hurt. People are effected by words because they carry so much weight behind them. If someone said something mean to us as a child as an adult you probably still remember. Why?

You don't ever hear someone one say "someone said I was beautiful today." Then they share this with multiple people, including love ones and friends. Sadly that never happens because people share the bad news instead of spreading the good news. Good news is boring, bad news gets your emotions going, it hit nerves that we didn't know existed and in return has negative effects on the body.

Kindness is important to me and the more I get older the more I am slowly removing the unkind people out of my life. I used to think I needed to hold on to everything but like Madea from one of Tyler Perry plays said “people come in our life for seasons and sometimes we allow season people to stay longer than they were intended” boy that stings but it’s true. We as people are loving and caring creatures, no matter what the outer shell tries to show, we are all soft inside. We long for connections and relationships so much that sometimes we allow people that were only temporary to become permanent.

What I mean by this is that people are constantly teaching us things in life so we can share that knowledge with someone else. Think about the horrible dates you had now think about the advice you gave others that helped them not go on horrible dates. Yes, this is a small example but it can get real deep. Imagine that person you dated and they were not a good boyfriend or girlfriend, they cheated, were abusive, but before the abuse they showed signs of controlling habits, they joked about being abusive, they flirted with people in front of your face, they cheated on you multiple times and got caught. All of this happens and some how you found yourself marrying them and ten years later you’re filling for divorce because the same habits never stopped. This is real life. It happens. You allowed that person to stay in your life even though the signs said that person was only a season but you decided to allow them to spend multiple seasons in your life.

It’s 2020 and I am no longer apologizing for only wanting joy in my life. I am only sharing inspiration and love. I believe in Karma. Karma is good and Karma is bad, it simply means what you give to the world you receive it in return. Negativity is contagious and if you’re finding yourself always being negative you’re only effecting your health and the people who you communicate with health. Today I encourage you to spread more love and positivity. Remember you can’t be positive and negative in the same breath. I no longer will breathe death into people I am forever sharing love and light.

So why do I smile, why not?

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Mother Teresa

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