Why gratitude to yourself is also important?

Gratitude is an expression of showing thankfulness, appreciation, and kindness. Practicing gratitude daily is something I have done throughout my life and there were times when I couldn’t find the strength to practice it because like everyone else that experience hardship, it messes with our focus on what we have in our lives that we can be grateful for. Expressing thankfulness, appreciation, and kindness to others is important but it is even more important to express it to ourselves. When I was down and out and couldn’t find an ounce of gratitude that was not good for my wellbeing.

Showing gratitude to ourselves is an expression of grace. We fall in life and sometimes we don’t. Each challenge we take on is scary and the fact that we found the courage to commit to a difficult task is a sign of strength and that’s something to feel grateful for. Gratitude allows us to be able to fully examine our strengths and our weaknesses. Our strength to be proud of who we are and our weaknesses in a way to improve. Nothing should be looked at like a failure, life is just trying to teach us lessons. Sometimes we pass the test the first time and sometimes it take days, weeks, months, or even years. Its about staying the course and showing thankfulness, appreciation, and kindness to our diligent efforts not dumbing ourselves down with words of self-hate.

I used to fill my mind with so many lies, lies from what people said about me, and the lies I thought about myself. Whenever I tried and failed at the first attempt it weakened my belief and the thoughts of inadequacy would flood my mind. You’re not good enough, you are a failure, you are weak, what are you doing with your life, and so many other thoughts. I didn’t know what I was doing but what I did know is that I wasn’t born a quitter. I might fail but I never give up. I have tried and attempted so many things before I got it right. In my adult years I thought that I would magically have it all together, but that’s just a persona that every adult fed us as a teenager. The meetings with our guidance counselors prepping us for college making sure we are in the right classes. No one has it figured out at 17 or least I didn’t.

I thought something was wrong with me because I was still lost in the 12th grade. I just wanted to graduate and start making money, my own money. I was ready to be an adult but never knew what it came with. Throughout my 32 years on this earth, I realized in life you will be faced with challenges, and what you say to yourself in those moments is even more important than the challenge. Will you fold? Will you speak negative thoughts to yourself? Or will you remind yourself of everything else you have achieved throughout your life. Life is tough but my darling we are built tough. The thoughts that we feel our mind in those challenging situations is what fuels or drains us.

I have been talked about, abuse, hurt, multiple times over and over, by people who love me, care about me, but never respected me. I am here to tell you, that may never stop, but if you can find gratitude for yourself in any situation you are in, I promise you will survive. Free Your Mind and step away from what is holding you back, the mind is powerful. I don’t exercise for outer physique appearance or physical health. I exercise for my mental health. I fell in love with exercise for the feeling I felt after each workout. I felt empowered, I felt accomplished, I felt free, and I invite you to start doing what sets you free but first you must free your mind.

Our mind is the roadblock to our success, without freeing the mind, there is no relief. We will continue to find ourselves in the same cycles if we don’t remove the thoughts that are preventing us from our next steps in life. We all have a purpose, but if we don’t free our mind, we can’t step into that purpose. Are you ready to take the next steps to transforming your life? I know it may seem like a battle but once you conquer the mind, there will be no more challenges in life, only lessons, and progress. It’s time that we free our minds, don’t be a prisoner to the mind.

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